How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos Any Realme

  • To Recover Deleted Photos and Videos on Realme Mobile -> Open Gallery or Photos app -> Select Albums -> Tap on Recently Deleted Albums -> Select the photo or select all and tap on restore.
  • You can also restore and recover deleted files using backup and restore process and wait for the previous backup file to restore.
  • Use third party software which can recover deleted files and video from your memory files as well.

On your realme mobile if you have accidentally deleted files or photos or videos or any other files then you can recover deleted photos and videos on realme mobile easily and restore deleted photos from gallery and recover permanently deleted photos and recover photos from private safe realme as well. So, let’s see in detail below.

Its possible to recover deleted photos and videos or any other files from your realme device and also restore files which are deleted permanently as well from your gallery folder and any other folder on realme and there are plenty of third party software which can recover almost anything from your realme devices but they are expensive. 

How to Recover Deleted Photos and Videos Any Realme

Below methods will help you get back your deleted photos and videos and restore deleted files and recover deleted photos or videos on realme mobile.

Recover or Restore Using Recently Deleted Files on Realme

Once you delete photos or videos from your realme mobile then you can find them in your recently deleted folder on your realme mobile and restore deleted files  and photos on realme.

Step 1: Open Gallery app on your Realme Mobile

Step 2: Now, tap on Albums

Step 3: Now, tap on Recently Deleted folder

Step 4: Select the photos or video that you want to restore and tap on it

Step 5: Tap on Restore and your deleted photo or video will be restored on your realme device.

That’s it, this is how you get back deleted photos or restore deleted photos or videos or recovery them on your realme devices.

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Third party Photo Recover or Video App Software

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your realme device

Step 2: Search for recover deleted files

Step 3: Tap on the application 

Step 4: Install any android software recovery software and install it on your realme device.

Step 5: Allow permission and allow the app to scan your files and folder to restore and recover deleted photos and videos and other files.

Step 6: Once the scan is done, then you will see a list of deleted photos or videos and then tap on the image or video an tap on restore and recover deleted files and folders on your android realme device.

That’s it, this is how you recover and restore deleted files from your realme devices and by using third party recovery software its not guaranteed that all time you can restore and if your phone is rooted then you will be able to recover photos or videos as well.

Recover Permanently Deleted Photos and Videos on Relame

Step 1: Open settings on your realme device

Step 2: Additional settings -> Go to Backup and reset

Step 3: Select the local backup and restore the previous backup will restore your deleted photos and files or videos.

Using Tools

You can also tools on realme mobile and directly go to tools and backup and restore and and restore previous version of realme backup and make sure that your device is having previous backup.

Yes! It’s possible that if you are backing up your device on cloud or on your external hard drive and if the files are deleted recently then you can just go to recently deleted folders and restore them from there.


How do I backup my photos on Realme?

Go to settings -> Other Settings -> Backup and restore and crate a new backup here.

How to recover permanently deleted photos from gallery without backup

You need to use third party tools recovery softwares which can recover and restore permanently deleted photos without backup on realme

How to restore deleted photos from gallery

Go to gallery application -> Albums -> Recently deleted photos and select all photos and restore all photos from gallery.

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