How to Recover Deleted Messages on Messenger

  • To recover deleted messages on messenger you need to download your account information using messenger app in html format and retrieve delete messages on messenger from blocked persons as well.
  • You can also use third party tools available online and recover deleted messages on messenger.

If you have deleted someone, sent messages or received a message on messenger that has been deleted accidentally or someone has deleted the message then you can retrieve deleted messages on messenger easily and retrieve deleted message on android or iPhone, So, lets see in detail below.

You can recover deleted messages on Messenger from a blocked person as well or blocked contacts on FaceBook and see removed messages on messenger using facebook messenger app on your android on iPhone.

Recover Deleted Messages on Messenger

Below methods will help you recover deleted messages on messenger.

Using Facebook Messenger

Step 1: Open facebook messenger on your mobile device (android or iPhone).

Step 2: Tap on profile icon on top

Step 3: Now, scroll down and tap on account settings.

Step 4: Scroll down and tap on download account your information option.

Step 5: In here -> Select Messenger option and Uncheck all options from here.

Step 6: Select format as html not json and quality as medium quality.

Step 7: Tap on Create file and wait for it create your message from your account and download file in html file.

Step 8: Once the download file of messenger is created then tap on download option and login with your account details to download file.

Step 9: Now, locate the file using file manager on your mobile and extract it -> Download -> facebook created file and tap on extract.

Step 10: Now, once you extract the file -> you will see the message file in html format and tap on it and select chrome browser to open this messenger file and deleted information will be stored here and you can view delete messages on messenger.

That’s it, this is how you get back and recover deleted messages on messenger easily. 

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Can you Get Back Deleted Messages on Messenger?

Yes! You can try facebook messenger app and recover your deleted messenger messages and download your account data and your account information.

Retrieve Deleted Blocked Messages on Messenger?

You can also retrieve messages from blocked persons as well and you can use third party tools also available online and try recovering deleted blocked messages and recover deleted messages on messenger.

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