How to Fix Airpods 3 Not Charging

  • To fix airpods 3 not charging -> Change charging port and adaptor and then try to charge airpods 3.
  • Clean Airpods case and charging cable and insert them properly in the charging case and use wireless charging.

If your airpods 3 not charging when you plug them to charging using cable or while you are chagrin airpods one of your airpod is getting charged and the other one is not charging or airpods 3 is not charging completely, then you need to follow these simple airpods troubleshooting methods and fix this issue of airpods not charging or airpods not pairing or battery draining when not in use issue.

Most of the airpods will not charge if there are any faulty cables or if airpods are filled with dust or any software or hardware related issue with airpods and you need to make sure that airpods are inserted properly inside the charging case and cables are not damaged or became faulty.

Fix Airpods 3 Not Charging

Below troubleshooting methods will help you fix the issue of airpods 3 not charging when you charge.

Change Charging Adaptor Cable

You need to charge your airpods 3 with the original charger which Apple manufactures when you buy and don’t use any cheap charging cables which you get from the market. 

First thing you need to do when your airpods 3 not charging is go ahead and change the charging cable with any other cable and try to charge airpods with new or different charging cable and if airpods 3 are getting charged by using different cable then you need to buy a new charging cable for airpod 3 and get your airpod charging again.

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Use Wireless Charger

You need to use a wireless charger if your airpods 3 are not charging with cable or airpods 3 is completely not charging. Check whether your airpods are charging with a wireless charger.

Clean the Charging Ports

Take a soft brush or soft cloth or toothpick and clean the charging ports cable softly and then blow some air into charging ports and also clean the inner ear pads case as well. Sometimes if dust fills in charging ports or inside airpods charging case then you can experience this issue of airpods 3 not charging. 

Once you clean your charging ports and charging  case then go ahead and try to charge airpods 3 and now it will be charged without any issue and most of the time charging case filled with dust will be an issue.

Why is My Left Airpods Not Charging

If your left airpod or right airpod is not charging then you need to clean your airpods properly when you keep them in charging case and also check with settings and make sure the bar in settings -> Accessibility -> Audio and visual balance is set to middle.  

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