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How to Fix Airpods Not Pairing

  • If airpods are not pairing in pairing mode then you need to update it and turn off low power mode and try pairing airpods.
  • You can try resetting your airpods and reset all settings and charge your airpod as well to fix airpods not pairing issue.

Finally, you brought a new Apple Airpods and you want to connect it with any of your Apple products like watch, iPhone etc and even you can pair airpods on windows 10 laptop or macbook. Sometimes you think about listening to music etc. But suddenly the dark thing is Airpods are not pairing to any Apple devices or airpod pro connection failed error or airpods connected but no sound or it freezes when connected to iPhone and these are common airpod or airpod pro issue and can be fixed by easy troubleshooting methods.

Fix Airpods Not Pairing Issue

Follow below troubleshooting method to fix airpods pro not pairing issue and you need to pair airpods in order to connect to any apple device or any other devices.

Check Basic Requirement

If you are trying to connect your with apple products, first you have to check that you are using Airpods that are compatible with apple devices. If you find that software is not supporting or require any update to IOS, MACOS or watch OS if available.

Turn Off Low Power Mode

It appears difficult to pair your Airpods if you use low power mode in Iphone. So, try to switch of low power mode by opening control centre and by tapping the  battery icon.

  • Go for the settings, then navigate to the battery and Turn off the low power mode. After that try to pair low power mode.

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Charge Your Airpods

First check your Airpods are fully charged. In order to charge your Airpods, put them in your ports lid and close it. Then plug lighting cable into your case and use USB port or charger.

1) When Airpods are in that close lid, that means the light indicates the status of charging of your ports.

2) When Airpods are not in case, then the status of light indicates the charge itself.

3) If it indicates green light means the Airpods require charging.

Setup Animation

When you try setup your Airpods and you are not getting any setup animation with your phone or other devices, then try closing the case.

Wait until 15 seconds and then open the case again. Check and see if the status light flashes white.

Step 1: Find setup bottom at back of Airpod case.

Step 2: Press and hold the button. While holding open the case and see if light flashes white.

Step 3: If not press and hold the setup button until status  light flashes amber few minutes and then finally flashes white.

Step 4: Once the Airpods status light flashes white, you are ready to setup your Airpods.

Reset You Airpods

Step 1: Go for the Bluetooth settings and forget your Airpods. Put both Airpods in their case, open the lid.

Step 2: Hold the setup button at back of case for 20- 30 seconds until the status light camber flashes.

Step 3: If the light status blink three times, then release the back button.

Step 4: Put your Airpods case right next to your iPhone and hold back once more. Now pairing will initiate press on connect.

Reset all your iPhone Settings

If you still cannot connect and pair your  Airpods fo your device. Unpair them again and reset all settings.

  • Go for the settings, in that general reset and reset all settings.

By performing these reset doesn’t remove any data, but it changes the personalization to your settings back to factory defaults.

So, this action impacts things in any accessibility settings changes, stored WI-FI  password and so on. Once you reset all settings, perform another restart. Then try to pair them again.

Update Airpods Software

You can check all your Airpods information and firmware version in settings app.

Step 1: Connect your Airpods to any of apple device.

Step 2: Go to settings, then go for about Airpods. If your Airpods firm ware did not update automatically, try to update this from menu.

Step 3: After that look for model number, your Airpods unique serial number and it hardware version. 

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