How to Pair Airpods on windows 10 Laptop


You can connect airpods on windows 10 computer and Airpods are wireless Bluetooth earbuds and it works with all other devices including phones, pc etc. There is no control for Airpods because they are equipped with sensors. When you put it in your ears it works as soon and pause the audio automatically when you remove it.

And connecting earbuds to windows via Bluetooth and first you need to pair your airpods with windows 10 when you are connecting for the first time on your windows 10 computer.

Pairing Airpods for first time and Connect Airpods to Windows Laptop

Step 1: After opening the pc, go to the right corner of the windows taskbar and open “action centre icon” at the bottom.

Step 2: Open all settings in window action and Select ‘bluetooth and other devices’  on the left side and then you have to choose add Bluetooth or other devices.

Step 3: In add a device window, select Bluetooth. By turning on Bluetooth, it will show a list of connected devices. 

Step 4: Select your Airpods name and click to begin the process.

Step 5: If your Airpods are not showing, then open the lid of the charging case of Airpods. After connection the charging case light will change from green to white.

Step 6: If you paired correctly, then tap on the “ done” button.

That’s it, Once you are connected to Airpods, you can listen to audio and open any music app on the window and begin playing music.

Reconnecting the Airpods Again Once you pair with windows 10:

Once paired Airpods will be able to auto reconnect. In case it doesn’t connect automatically the best is to connect manually. 

Step 1: Open settings and go for the devices, then Bluetooth. 

Step 2: Under the section of audio, choose your Airpods. 

Step 3: Click on the button “connect”.

Step 4: Once it prompts you for the connection, you are good.

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Airpods connecting and Disconnecting in windows 10

If still it is connecting and disconnecting follow the steps below.

Step 1: Go to the Windows device manager through the control panel and Press enter.

Step 2: In that select “view” and choose “device by type” option.

Step 3: Open human interface device and locate these  two Airpods. Airpods through hand free call HDMI and audio/video remote control HDMI.

Step 4: For above entries, right click and select “properties” Of that and then go for “power management”. And “ Turn off and allow the device to save the power box”.

Step 5: Finally click on Ok and exit.

Can I connect Airpods to Windows 10 Laptop?

yes, you can connect airpods to windows 10 all you need to do is pair your airpods with your windows 10 computer or laptop and connect and enjoy music.

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