How to Fix Can’t Connect to This Network Windows 11

On your windows 11 computer when you are trying to connect to wifi network or lan network and you are getting an error message can’t connect to this network all of sudden then you need to make sure your router or modem is not having any issue and you need to turn off router or restart your modem or router and then try connecting your windows 11 to your wifi network and check.

Most of the time if you are connecting your windows 11 computer to wifi using lan adaptor cable then you need to check if adaptor is plugged in correctly to router or modem and restart your router or modem and check router cables or inserted or plugged in correctly.

Can’t Connect to This Network on Windows 11 

For assistance with network connection issues on your Windows 11 computer, try the following simple methods:

Restart your computer 

If there are any technical or minor software glitch issues then you need to restart your computer first and if any update is pending from windows then after restarting your windows will update and if it is nay minor issue then it will be resolved and after restarting windows computer Can’t Connect to This Network Windows 11 will be fixed.

Restart Router

There may be an issue with the router as well if you are getting this error Can’t Connect to This Network Windows 11 and you need to unplug router cables and wait for 30 seconds and plug them back or simply turn off router power and wait for 60 seconds and turn it on and then check.

Update Windows Computer

If there are any pending updates available on your windows 11 then it can also cause wifi connectivity issues like Can’t Connect to This Network Windows 11  or connect but no internet or wifi icon missing or any wifi issues on windows 11 computer and you need to update windows 11 to latest version always and after updating windows to latest version then you will not get this error “Can’t Connect to This Network” and it will be fixed.

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Flush DNS 

Step 1: open command prompt on your windows computer by pressing windows Key + R and enter cmd and hit enter and open it with administrative privileges.

Step 2: In command prompt -> Enter ipconfig /flushdns and it will flush windows 11 dns resolver cache.

Now, once you flusdhs cache then go ahead and try to content your windows 11 computer to wifi network or lan network and it will connect to wifi without any issue.

Reset Winsock

Step 1: click on windows 11 search bar and type cmd and run command prompt as administrator

Step 2: TO reset winsock -> in elevated command prompt – enter netsh winsock reset and hit enter and this will reset winsock catalog and you need to restart your windows 11 computer and check.

Now, go ahead and restart your windows 11 computer and then click on wifi and connect to your wifi internet connection or lan network if you are connecting with cable.

Reset Network on Windows 11

Step 1: Click on Search Menu and type settings and open settings

Step 2: Select Network and Internet on left side pane

Step 3: Click on Advanced Network Settings

Step 4: Under More settings -> Click on Network Reset and Click on Reset now and wait for windows 11 computer to reset your windows network adaptors and this will reset all your network connections settings.

Now, once you reset network connections on your windows 11 computer then go ahead and restart your windows computer and then connect to wifi and you will not get Can’t Connect to This Network on your Windows 11 computer.

Swapna Reddy
Swapna Reddy
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