How to connect to hidden wifi network on Android

If you are trying to connect to hidden wifi network on your android mobile phone then you can easily connect by following steps, lets see them in detail below.

For all android mobiles the below method will work to connect hidden wifi network on android.

How to connect to hidden wifi network on Android:

Step 1: On your mobile swipe from top to bottom and long press on wifi option.

Step 2: In wifi settings ->Click on Add New network

Step 3: Enter Network name (your hidden wifi name)

Step 4: In security field -> Select security type as WPA/WPA2 PSK using drop down option.

Note: As per you wifi security this security option will be different like 802.1x EAP or WEP or None.

Step 5: Now, enter your wifi password and to check your password click on show password option to confirm the password which you have entered is correct.

Step 6: Once you enter your password don’t click on save.

Step 7: Click on Advanced options -> Scroll down and Select Hidden network to YES (using drop down).

Step 8: Now. Click on save and connect.

That’s it, this is how you connect your hidden wifi network on android if you still face any issues connecting then check this knowledge base article – .

 What is hidden wifi network on Android?

Hidden WIFI network is a network which is available but is not broadcasting its ID and your android mobile can detect it and when you connect to hidden wifi network it will not connect and wifi connection will be marked as saved wifi connection on your mobile.

Hidden wifi network is unlike a regular wifi network and a hidden wifi network cannot be seen as it is hidden and to know if it actually exists.

If your router is not broadcasting a network but you would like to connect to it the future, you can set the network as hidden.

Why wifi network says hidden network?

This is due to security issues and how your wifi network security is setup and wifi networks fall in to hidden network to broadcast it publicly due to security type and due to security option wifi network SSD (service set identifier) hides your wifi network.

Does setting wifi network as hidden will change router settings?

No, setting the network as hidden will not change your router settings, this will be applied to only on your mobile.

Unable to connect to hidden wifi network on Android?

If you are unable to connect to a hidden wifi network on you android mobile, go ahead and remove the network and add network again, still you are facing issues while connecting hidden wifi networks, then go ahead and change the security option and try different security option and also make sure that you are setting option to hidden as YES in advanced settings of wifi when adding a new network.

How to see hidden wifi networks on android?

If you want to see the hidden wifi network list on your android mobile, go to wifi settings options and click on wifi networks and all your wifi network connections and saved connections will be displayed here.

You can use wifi analyser app and download it from google playstore and install wifi analyser app to see hidden wifi networks on android.

How to get rid of hidden wifi networks?

To get rid of hidden wifi networks you need to restart your router or modem and of this didn’t solve the issue you need to reset your router or turn off your router for 10 seconds and turn on after 10 seconds and check your hidden wifi network is gone or you are able to connect to your wifi on mobile without adding a new network.

What is hidden wifi network in android?

Hidden wifi is nothing but a network which is available but not broadcasting its ID. Your device or machine can detect it to connect.

Can I connect hidden wifi network on android?

Yes you can connect to hidden wifi network by adding a new network and changing the settings of wifi to network type is hidden and connect as explained in this article.

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