How to Fix Unable to Reset the Airpods


If your Airpods are not working or airpods not connecting or airpods not charging or aipods playing in one ear, having connectivity issues with your airpods then best solutions to fix this issue is to rest Airpods. When you try to reset the airpods and when you are unable to reset the airpods follow below steps to successfully reset airpods.

How to Fix Unable to Reset the Airpods

Airpods and lightening ports are clean?

Push Both Your Airpods inside the charging case

Press the setup button repeatably

Drain the battery and charge it

Solution 1 : Make Sure your Airpods and Lighting Port are Clean

Make sure your Airpods and lighting port are clean Because if any dirt is stuck between your Airpods and charging case create a problem in resetting the Airpods.

  1. You can use a cotton bud to clean or remove the dirt inside the tip of the Airpods but if the dirt is hardened dip the cotton bud in alcohol and then clean it.
  2. For cleaning lighting port, use a toothpick to clean inside it but use it in a gentle manner because, if you clean it harshly it will damage the terminal.

Solution 2 : Push both your AirPods Inside the Charging case

Push both your Airpods down inside the charging case. What you have to do is.

  1.  Press and push both your Airpods down for 15 seconds while keeping inside the charging case and try to Reset the Airpods.
  2. This technique has worked out for many peoples who have a struggle in resetting the Airpods.

Solution 3 : Press the Setup Button Repeatedly

Press the setup button repeatedly. Let we see how to do.

  1.  Press the setup button at the back of the charging case repeatedly for 12 to 15 times solves the issue like, holding the button and leaving the button like that, you have to continue the process for 15 times and now you can easily reset your Airpods.
  2. And you can also combine the two techniques together that is pushing your Airpods down inside the charging case.
  3. And at the same time pressing and holding the setup button until the light turns orange color.
  4. Now close the lid and open it again, now try to pair your Airpods so that you can see that your Airpods are easily connected.

Solution 4 : Drain the battery and charge it

Many users said that this technique worked for them that is, that is :

  1.  completely draining the Airpods battery to zero and charging it again
  2.  After that when you try to reset it, it gets connected easily.
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