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How to fix Airpods or Airpods pro Battery Drain When not in use

First, know one thing that this is not an issue. Because we can’t turn off the Airpods. So it will always listen for a connection that means it will be active always and it will consume the battery always and check battery percentage always whether you are using it or not airpods will consume battery and to avoid airpods losing battery then you need to put back your airpods charging box only if not airpods will consume battery. 

If your Airpods battery drains as usual (when not in use) it is not an issue. If the battery drains so fast, you have to take a step to fix it.

Fix Airpods battery drain when not in use

Solution 1 :-Reset your Airpods/Airpods pro to fix battery drain when not in use

Step 1: First, take your Airpods case and place your Airpods inside the case.

Step 2: Then close the lid of your Airpods case.

Step 3: Wait for 30 seconds and then open the lid.

Step 4: With the lid open, hold down the Setup Button until the status light flashing amber.

Thats it once you reset airpods you would not see battery draining issue fast or consuming more battery once you reset airpods.

Solution 2 :- Clean the Airpods and Airpods case

Step 1: First, take your Airpods from the case.

Step 2: Then take a Q-tip and clean the inside of the case (Where you place the Airpods) using it. After that, clean the bottom of Airpods.

Step 3: Now blow inside the case and also blow into the bottom side of the Airpods.

Step 4: Make sure that there is nothing stuck inside the case and bottom of the Airpods.

Solution 3 :- Let the battery drain

Don’t charge your Airpods until the battery drains completely. Then connect them to a power source and let the battery fully charge.

Solution 4 :- Turn off “Bluetooth”

Turn  off “Bluetooth” on your Mac/iPhone after using the Airpods. Turning off Bluetooth will disconnect the communication between the Airpods and connected devices or else Airpods will always listen to the device and make the battery drain.

Why you have to disconnect Airpods from the device is, Airpods can’t be turned off. So, you should turn off Bluetooth on the connected device. 

If you don’t want to turn off Bluetooth, forget the Airpods from the connected device and then reconnect it when you want.

How to fix airpods battery drain when not in use?

If you are losing airpods battery when not in use then you need to keep airpods in battery charging case or else it will lose battery.

Airpods battery drain even after keeping in the charging case?

In this case you need to reset airpods, turn off bluetooth, clear the airpods and airpods case, let the airpods battery drain completely and charge it again ,forget the airpods device on your mobile and reconnect airpods.

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