Battery drain issues on iphone 12 and later

Fix Battery drain issue on iPhone 12 – iOS 14/13/12

   The battery drain issue on iphone 12 (11/13/14) iOS 14 which just grab us through all the iPhone versions. Now the battery drain fast all of sudden overnight started with iphone 12 as well these solutions will fix battery drain issues on iphone 12. Battery drain issues irritates us very much because we don’t like to check the battery percentage often when we use iPhone. Let’s see the few solutions for this issue if your iphone battery health decreasing or drains overnight and there are simple solutons to stop iphone battery from draining quickly and get rid of battery drain issues..

Fix battery drain issues on your iPhone

Solution 1 : change the network selection  

People have changed the network selection, because it is the main reason for  drain issue and changing it worked for them.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Tap “ mobile data” option.
  3. Click “network selection”.
  4. Then turn off “ automatic”.
  5. Select the actual provider.
  6. Then select the network of sim “ airtel” etc.. you also just select the actual provider.

Solution 2 : Disable push and switch to manual fetch

If the push and automatic downloads are turned on it will checks the mails server automatically , so that really drains the i phone 12 battery so turn off that  for that :

  1. Go to settings .
  2. Tap on “ mail” and select the account .
  3. After that click on “ fetch new data” .
  4. Turn off the “ push option” .
  5. Select “ manual” in all the accounts ,

The reason for selecting manual is it will only check for updates when the application is in use.  So change every thing into manual (icloud manual, inholidays manual and Gmail also manual) and change the automatically into manually .


Solution 3 : Try to switch your non data sim to 3g :

When u switch your 5G network to 3G or 4G network to 3G it will obviously solve urs battery drain on your iphone 12 we don’t like to use 3Gseriously but when it drain our battery no other go. So for that:

  1. Go to setting .
  2. Select the mobile data .
  3. Tap on mobile data options .
  4. Then click voice and data and tap 3G.

Solution 4 : Disable background app refresh:

We can use the data for the apps which you need so disable the background app refresh for the unwanted apps  for that:

  1.  Go to settings.
  2. Tap on “ general” .
  3. Tap on “ background app refresh” .
  4. Then turn it off the apps that you don’t use much like amazon, keynotes, homescapes , according to your need .

There are also a few suggestions that will also solve your problem :

  1. Disconnect the mobile connection and just wifi including wifi calling.
  2. You can change your physical sim to digital sim and that also solve your issue.

If none of the above methods haven’t worked then it might be a software glitch .


By performing above steps you will be able to get rid of iPhone battery drain issues on your iphone 12, 11, iphone max, x, xr, maxpro, ios 13, ios 14 or any other series of iphone successfully and get rid of iphone battery draining  fast and make your iphone battery long last.

Why does iPhone battery drain fast?

iPhone battery drain issues depend on the usage of your iPhone, if too many applications are running in background and if any malicious software has been installed then this will also cause battery to drain fast.