whatsapp not sending messages

How to Fix Whatsapp Not Sending Messages

Not only in India, other countries millions of people are using whatsapp app. It plays a major role in every person’s day to day life because 24/7 everyone is online by chatting with friends, family, neighbours etc.. Sometimes when you send messages whatsapp may not be able to deliver your sent messages to any one and if you face issues like whatsapp not sending messages. It becomes a very big problem and a very frustrating situation for whatsapp users. By using the below steps you can fix this problem of whatsapp not sending messages on your own.

How to fix Whatsapp not sending messages?

Update the whatsapp:

In our android or IPhone usually get updates in order to fix our whatsapp update.

Step 1: Open play store or App store in our apple or android mobiles.

Step 2: Click on apps and update the section. Download if you find any updates for your whatsapp.

Switch on Background Data Usage

By using this option you can send or receive the messages even if you are not using this app

If you are a iPhone users, 

Go to settings, open whatsapp then turn on background app refresh app to allow messages.

If you are a android user,

Go to settings open whatsapp turn on mobile data, click allow background data then option it allows the messages.

 Lock whatsapp in background for android users:

1) Sometimes when you send messages it immediately shows a closed app, it means there might be some third party users.it may damage the background apps. 

2) That means you should lock the multitasking menu on your phone. This will support the app alive all the time.

Disable data saver/low data mode:

If you enable disable data saver it may not fetch the latest messages of your whatsapp and to disable data saver or low data mode option follow below steps to fix whatsapp not sending messages.

This is for iPhone users,

Open settings app, click on cellular then cellular data option and disable  low data mode.

 This is for android users,

Open settings, click on network and internet then data saver and turn off the option.

Disable battery saver mode

  • It is mainly used to protect the app running in the background to save the battery.

 For iPhone:

  • Open settings, go to battery and click on turn off low power mode for menu.

  For android:

  • Open settings, go to battery then battery saver and switch off the button.

Clear Cache to fix Whatsapp Not Sending Messages

  • It is only used to delete the temporary files and it will not mess with any personal information. It does not show much effect on whatsapp.
  • To clear cache open settings, then whatsapp and go for storage click on it and clear the cache.

Restart phone and reinstall whatsapp:

  • Rebooting of whatsapp may get some problems like may lose your data permanently .You can reinstall or restart the app check it working or not. Then go to backup your whatsapp data and try to reinstall the app.
How to fix Whatsapp not sending messages to any one?

Confirm yourself that you are connected to internet using wifi or mobile data, change the wifi network connection and try sending messages in whatsapp if you still face issues and whatsapp not sending messages then you need to restart your phone, clear cache and uninstall and reinstall whatsapp app to fix whatsapp not sending messages.