How to Stop Auto Download of Images in WhatsApp messages


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  • Yo stop auto download of images / pictures in whatsapp then open whatsapp -> Tap on 3 dots and select settings and tap on Data usage and media and download options and then unselect all options and tap on ok.
  • To stop only photos to auto download on whatsapp -> Settings -> Data Usage -> Media and Download options -> When using mobile data / wifi and unelect photos option.

On your whatsapp images or videos or any media will be auto downloaded and store it on your mobile device and this can take up lot of storage space and mobile data usage on your mobile and you will ran out of storage space on your device and you can stop auto download of images in whatsapp messages or videos or any files that you receive on whatsapp and save storage on your mobile phone from whatsapp downloads and stop auto download from whatsapp to gallery. So, let’s see in detail below.

Whatsapp is used by all and many of them receive many media files like photos and videos and gif images or any documents and whatsapp will auto download them and you can access them in your image gallery or photos section on your iphone which takes too much space and cause mobile data usage as well.

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Stop Auto Download of Images in Whatsapp Messages

Below methods will help you stop auto download of images in whatsapp and save plenty of storage on your mobile device.

  • Open whatsapp and click on 3 dots on the top right corner.
  • Now, tap on settings
  • Click on Data usage
  • Under Media auto download options -> tap on When using mobile data and a pop up window will appear.
  • Now, Unselct  all options here. Photos, videos, Audio, Documents and this will not auto download when using mobile data.
  • Now, tap on When connected to Wifi and unselect all options, photos, video, audio, documents and tap on ok.

That’s it, once you change these settings, then whatsapp will not download any media files like photos or videos, documents or audio files that you receive until you manually request or select photos to download in whatsapp settings and change these settings to auto download.

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How to Disable Auto Save Media WhatsApp Android or iPhone

If you have enabled auto download or downloading an images or video, audio files or documents and all media files are saving to your phone gallery and taking too much storage memory space then you can stop or disable auto save media on whatsapp.

  • Open WhatsApp and tap on 3 dots on top.
  • Go to Settings
  • Tap on Chats and Toggle the button next to save to camera roll.

That’s it, once you turn off save to camera roll then auto save media on whatsapp images saving to gallery will stop and it will no longer save images or photos or videos and any other files to your phone gallery.

How do I stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading pictures?

To stop auto download of only pictures then open whatsapp and go to settings -> Tap on Data usage and tap on when using mobile data / wifi and unselect photos and tap on ok.

Media Auto Download on Whatsapp Not Working

If you want to set media auto download then make sure that you unselect or uncheck all options in -> Settings -> Data usage and unselect all options over mobile data usage and also wifi data usage as well.

How can I solve WhatsApp download problem?

If you are having whatsapp media download problems like images not download or videos not download or download failed error on whatsapp then you need to clear cache and clear all data of whatsapp and reinstall whatsapp app and setup again and allow all permission on whatsapp will solve whatsapp download problem on both android and iphone.


Can i stop Auto Download media on WhatsApp

Yes! You can easily stop any media to auto download on whatsapp and you need to go to Whatsapp settings -> Data usage and tap on when using mobile data and unselect media (photos, videos, documents, audio) which you want to stop from auto download.

Why does my phone say download pending?

Make sure you are connected to the internet and your device is having enough free storage space when downloading media from whatsapp and if there is no storage space then download pending will appear and trying clearing cache will help you resolve the issue.

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