How to Fix iPhone 14 Keeps Restarting Apple Logo


If your iphone 14 keeps restarting on its own and is stuck on apple logo and doesn’t boot up and whenever you restart it get stuck on apple logo and nothing happens on iPhone 14 then you can easily fix this issue of apple iPhone 14 stuck on apple logo or boot loop. So, let’s see in detail below.

This is a common issue with every iphone 14, pro or max user experience with any iphone series like iPhone 13, 12, 11, x, xr or any iphone and this can be resolved easily and get back your iphone 14 working.

Below iphone 14 troubleshooting method will fix the issue of boot loop or iPhone stuck on apple logo.

Hard Reset iPhone 14

  1. Quick press and release volume up button and quickly Press and release volume down button.
  2. Now, quickly press and hold power button and wait until apple logo appears and release the power button once you see apple logo.
  3. Now,  wait for your iphone 14 to restart completely.

Once your iphone 14 restarts then your issue of iphone 14, pro or max mobile stuck on apple logo or keeps restarting on apple logo issue will be resolved.

Remove Back Case

Sometimes, due to faulty back case covers, the side button gets pressed inside and apple iphone 14 keeps restarting when it gets pressed and this issue of iPhone 14 keeps restraining on apple logo appears.

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Clean Side Power Button

If there is anything that gets stuck on your side button like sweat, dust or debris or anything should go away and clean the power button, volume buttons and press and hold the power button and hard  reset your iphone 14 and check.

Overheating Issue

If your iphone is getting overheated or overused like playing games for a longer period of time or due to too many apps running in background which makes iphone 14 to overheat and you need to wait for a couple of hours and then start using your iphone 14, pro or max and hard restart your iPhone.

Follow below methods will help you avoid iphone 14, 13, 12, 11, x, xr keeps restraining apple logo or stuck on apple logo issue.

Free up Internal Storage

You need to free up internal storage space and if your internal storage space is low then delete unwanted media files and delete photos, videos, apps and free up internal storage space.

Update your iPhone to Latest Version

Its always recommended to update your iphone to latest version and running outdated or older iOS version can also lead to this issue of iphone stuck on apple logo.

This can be due to hardware related issue or any software related issues as well like outdated iOS software version or having battery related issues like low battery mode and you need to hard reset your iphone and get rid of this iphone 14 restarting apple logo.

iPhone 13 stuck on Apple logo during Update

Hard reset your iphone by quickly press and release volume up button and then volume down button and press and hold power button and release once you see apple logo.


How do I fix my iPhone stuck on the Apple logo If storage is full?

Hard Reset iPhone -> First Press volume up button and quickly press volume down button and then finally press and hold power button until apple logo appears on your iphone screen and release power button once you see apple logo and wait for it to restart.

iPhone 11 stuck on apple logo hard reset not working

If hard reset doesnt work then you need to cool down your iphone and this may be due to overheating and dont use iphone for few hours and then hard reset iphone.

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