iPhone stuck during ios 14 update

How to fix when iPhone stuck during iOS 14 update request

When you try to update your iPhone and your iphone stuck during update or your iphone freezes during update or while updating and stuck on apple logo or stuck on preparing logo or it gets stuck on downloading and install update on your iPhone (iOS 12/13/14) then you can fix this iphone stuck during update easily by restarting your iPhone, changing wifi networks and reconnect and other methods and update software on your iPhone without any errors or issues.

Fix iPhone stuck during iOS 14 Update Request

Restart your iPhone

Reset network settings

Connect to another wifi network settings

Using itunes and iCloud

Solution 1 : Restart your iphone

  1. Quickly press on volume up button and volume down button.
  2. Then press the side button until the apple logo appears .

Solution 2 : Reset network settings

  1. Launch settings app .
  2. Find and tap on general .
  3. Scroll down to see the reset option, click on that .
  4. Select reset network settings.
  5. Enter your passcode.
  6. Now again tap reset network settings to conform the process.

Solution 3 : connect to another WiFi network settings

  1. Launch settings app on your iPhone
  2. Tap on WiFi option
  3. Click the other network on WiFi
  4. Enter your password and click join

Now go back to software update screen and now try to update it to the iOS 14.

So far, we have seen the solutions if it not working then what’s strong in trying a suggestion.

Update your iPhone using iTunes in Mac

  1. Before you starte updating make sure that your Mac and iTunes have The latest version of it.
  2. After that open iTunes on your Mac and then connect it with your iPhone.
  3. Choose your iphone from the Mac on the favourites option.
  4. Tap on general
  5. Then check for update
  6. If it is present then tap on the update option to conform the process .
  7. Now , you will get the software update of iOS 14 on your iphone .
Fix iphone stuck or frozen while updating ios 14

If your iphone gets stuck updating you need to try these solutions Restart your iPhone, Reset network settings, Connect to another wifi network settings, Using itunes and iCloud