How To Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on Shows Apple Logo

How To Fix iPhone X Won’t Turn on Shows Apple Logo

  • To fix iPhone x won’t turn on shows Apple logo -> then restart your iPhone, force close apps.
  • Use third party apple repair tools available online or seek apple support. 

Most common issue with many Apple users are iPhone X getting stuck only showing  Apple logo but won’t turn on. Even if you want to reboot it only showing Apple logo and die it on own. So, why we are facing this issue? Is their any fix for this problem at home? So, for this question here are few solutions if your are facing iPhone X won’t turn on only shows Apple logo. This type of issue are raised because trying jailbreak your iPhone X, else any hardware failure. So, here are some ways to override the situation and to run your iPhone X normally.

How to fix iPhone Wont Turn on Shows Apple Logo

Follow below iPhone troubleshooting method to fix iPhone wont turn on or shows apple logo. 

Restart Your iPhone X

One of the easiest ways to fix the issue is hard reset which usually fix only temporary glitches, like firmware or hardware. So, here are a few steps to perform a hard reset.

Step 1: Firstly, press and immediately leave the volume up button

Step 2: Next, press and immediately release the volume down button and hold power button 

Step 3:If you see the Apple logo on your iPhone X then release the button

Charge Your iPhone X

Whenever if your phone battery is not enough, it shows Apple logo also fail to boot up correctly. So, immediately plug it to charger and leave it for sometimes. Now wait for 5-10 minutes and try restarting to check if it’s working normally or not.

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Third-Party iPhone X Repair Tools

Many third-party software may help to reduce the iPhone X stuck at Apple logo and software glitches. Which may include Tenorshare,  Dr. Fone systems repair, iBoot, Fixppo etc. So, in this we are using the Tenorshare Reiboot tool to fix the issue.

Step 1: Firstly, open Tenorshare Reiboot on your pc or MAC, now connect iPhone X via USB cable

Step 2: On the tool home screen tap on start button

Step 3: Now in the next screen choose standard repair. Tap standard repair in order to start the operation

Step 4: Next, it asks to download the firmware. Tap on download to start it.

Step 5: Once download is completed, click start standard repair

Step 6: Entire process will take at least 10 minutes, until that keep your iPhone X connected to pc

Step 7: Once done with process, your phone X will automatically boot up normally

By Using iTunes

If you’re iPhone X won’t turn on and shows Apple logo so it was fixed by using iTunes. Simply you need to perform boot in to the recovery menu, now connect your iPhone X to pc or MAC through cable and now restore it by using iTunes as mentioned below

Step 1: Firstly, boot your iPhone X in to recovery mode, for this press and immediately release the volume up button, next press and immediately release the volume down button and hold side button till you’re screen display recovery mode.

Step 2: After that open iTunes on your pc or MAC. Now, connect iPhone X with USB

Step 3: Then it automatically shows you to update or restore your iPhone X. Tap on restore option

Seek Apple Support 

If you still facing the issue with your iPhone X hardware. In his case you may reach Apple customer  support. By visiting nearest Apple service center to know more about the issue and get it fixed.