How to Pair Airpods with Apple Watch

Airpods pros, airpods and other headsets with H1 or W1 chip, including powerbeats pro will automatically pair with Apple watch. Airpods only work when paired with an iPad or iPhone linked to our iCloud account. We need to follow some quick troubleshooting.

Which headsets have H1 or W1 chip

So, here are some Apple and beats headphone which have either H1 or W1 chip. If your headset is not in the setup, then is  probably a regular bluetooth.

  • Apple airpods pro(H1)
  • Apple airpods 2nd generation(H1)
  • Apple airpods 1st generation(W1)
  • Beats power beats 3 wireless (W1)
  • Beats x(W1)
  • Beats solo 3 wireless(W1)
  • Beats studio 3(W1)
  • Power beats (H1)
  • Power beats pro(H1)
  • Beats solo pro(H1)

For troubleshooting headset connection, there is no variation between the H1 and W1 chips. While H1 is a newer chip model, which enables they siri support.

First pair your airpods with iPad or iPhone 

First pair your new airpods pro, airpods or remaining compatible headsets with iPad or iPhone with your Apple watch as long as both devices which are connected to same iCloud account. Now go to home screen on your iPad or iPhone.

When your headphones have a proper button, similarly like Power Beats or beats x, now press it 2 seconds while holding them next to iPad or iPhone. After setup animation appear, click connect. Them your headphones paired with your iPad or iPhone and Apple watch.

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Select your Airpods on Apple watch

Whenever you play audio or music in your Apple watch, automatically it should come from airpods or other headsets. If you unable to do it, then force select it on your Apple watch.

Step 1: Now swipe up ok home screen on Apple watch in order to access control centre.

Step 2: Next, scroll down and click on audio sources icon

Step 3: Finally, list of headphones will available, now click on your headset name and start playing audio via them.

Pairing manually your airpods with Apple watch

Step 1: Now go to settings on your Apple watch, followed by bluetooth option

Step 2: Next put your headphones in to playing mode

Step 3: After that hold own the sync button for 5 seconds in order to charge airpods pro, airpods.

Step 4: In case of headphones without charging, hold the power button for 5 seconds

Step 5: Finally, the headphone will appear under your device

Step 6: Now click on them to pair.

Cant Pair Airpods With Apple Watch?

If you can’t pair airpods with an apple watch you need to check if your airpods are compatible with your iPhone and make sure that you have updated your iPhone to the latest version and keep the airpods close to your iPhone and pair your airpods.

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