How to Connect your Airpods to iPhone & Use

  • It’s Pretty simple to connect Airpods to iPhone lets see in detail how to connect airpods to iPhone and how to use airpods with media controls, connect screen, control center and also with SIRI.

Now-a-days Apple marketing department is working like magic and providing very good products to the customers in that Apple Airpods is one. The product of Apple software and hardware is unique from other android products. Especially in designing apple earbuds and it is easy for connecting them to an iPhone, tablet or iPad. So, here we have the step by step procedure that how to connect your Airpods to iPhone. Along with these advanced are proved for better experience for wireless earbuds while listening to music, while talking in phone or listening any other audio etc.

How to Connect Airpods to iPhone

Follow below steps to connect and follow these methods to use airpods on iPhone

Get Ready with your device

1) First you have to take your charging case along with earbuds placed inside it and have your iPhone or iPad unlocked. Because Airpods may have Apple H1 chip and they initiate the pairing process.

2) Now, open the lid of the charging case and then you can able to see on screen prompts which appear on iPhone or iPad in which you want to pair.

Connect Screen

  • This screen will show the image of earbuds with a button below to say “connect”.
  • Click on the “connect” option. After that you will get a progress image of rotating Airpods while the word connecting Appears below.
  • Now, you are connected according with the preferences that you have to customize controls and adjust settings.

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Media Control

  • The pop ups of media control will tell you how to play or pause, go back to previous song or skip the track of your song.
  • They can be performed through respective taps on the stem of earpiece like single, double  triple taps.

Control Centre

These screen will show how the Airpods can be accessed and controlled through control centre. If you press and hold the control centre button on screen, then it show more buttons to let you about the adjust of noise cancellation, transparency settings.

Announce Message with SIRI

The next screen will show or ask you to choose “Announce message with Siri” or “not now”.

  • If you want to hear Incoming text message when you locked, then Siri can read the message without your response to say “hey, siri”.
  • Then you have to click on ‘i’ icon next to your Airpods. for example, here you are waiting working with Steven’s Airpods pro then click on it and drill down into settings on your settings.

Noise Control Settings

When you connect your earbuds sometime one ear bud can do one thing when you press and other can do or hear something else. So, here we are configuring the right ear piece to toggle between Noise cancellation and transparency.

If you always want noise cancellation turned on, then you can set both earpiece to launch your virtual assistant and dont forget that you can program each piece independently.

Microphone Settings

  • If you place one earbud in Airpod then it will automatically detect which one is and mic will default that piece.
  • If you don’t want to happen then you have to set mic always be associated with both earpiece by setting or clicking on menu will automatically switch Airpods.

Time to Start Over

Put the Airpods in the case, open the lid press and hold button on back for 15 seconds until the Led light flashes and glow. This restores the Airpods to their out of box settings and allow you to restart the pairing process.

Once you have done with this, you can start from setup again.

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