How to Turn on Notification ON And OFF on Fitbit Luxe

On your Fitbit Luxe you can turn on notifications to receive notifications on your fitbit luxe and you can turn off notifications whenever you want as well and if you are not receiving notifications on your fitbit luxe then make sure you turn on notifications on fitbit luxe. Lets see in detail below..

How to turn on Notification on Fitbit Luxe

Follow below steps to turn on Notifications on fitbit luxe.

Step 1: Open fitbit app on your mobile

Step 2: On bottom -> tap on today and on the top left hand side profile photo.

Step 3: In Account settings -> Tap on Luxe option.

Step 4: Now, scroll down and in general options -> Notification section -> select your notification options here.

Step 5: Go ahead and tap on notifications -> Here select the option to turn on notifications on fitbit luxe like calls, email notifications, calendar events, quick notifications and turn on notifications from particular settings that you don’t want.

Turn off Notifications on Fitbit Luxe

Step 1: Open fitbit app and tap on profile photo

Step 2: Account settings -> tap on luxe and scroll down to the general section and tap on notifications option.

Step 3: From here turn off notifications on fitbit luxe that you don’t want to receive on your fitbit luxe watch.

That’s it, this is how you turn off and turn on notifications on fitbit luxe easily and also you can customize your settings to receive which app to send you notification on your fitbit luxe from here.

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Not Receiving Notifications on Fitbit Luxe?

If you are not receiving notifications like messages or calls then make sure that you enable and turn on notifications for messages and calls on the Fitbit luxe option on your app.

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