Connect Airpods to Apple Watch

How to Connect Airpods to Apple Watch

Apple has designed a special and best digital tool is the Apple watch. From that you can check your health, exercise, pick up the call and even entertain yourself by listening to music as an MP3  player. So, in order to listen those music or anything you have to connect your Airpods to Apple watch. In many cases when you connect your Airpods to iPhone, apple Watch will automatically get paired. Follow the below steps to connect Airpods to apple watch.

Select your Airpods on Your Watch

Whenever you want to listen music or any other audio with your apple watch, then audio will automatically play through your Airpods.

Step 1: Swipe up your home screen on your watch and then access  to control centre.

Step 2: click on “ audio source” icon. There you can see your headphone or Airpods list.

Step 3: Click on your Airpods name and start playing audio through them.

Connect your Airpods to Apple Watch

Step 1: Make sure that your Airpods are setup on your iPhone (it is an important step of the setup process, when you do this Airpods will automatically set all devices which use the same iCloud account in your iPhone it may also include Apple watch.

Step 2: Now, open “control centre” by swiping up bottom of screen of your Apple watch.

Step 3: Then click on audio output icon ( it is the airplay icon with the set of circles with triangle).

Step 4: If you have not setup your Airpods with your iphone, then you can directly connect to your watch. In order to do that, click on Airpods buttons and put then in pairing mode.

Step 5: Now, on Apple watch go for the settings then followed by Bluetooth and the click on your Airpods name and its starts pairing if not check here.

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Disconnect Airpods from Apple Watch

Step 1: Click settings, on your Apple watch.

Step 2: Hit on the Bluetooth and press on ‘i’ next to your Airpods.

Step 3: And then click on forget device.


If audio on apple watch is playing through Airpods and you want to play audio through Apple watch speaker. So, no need to Unpair the device just open control centre and click on audio output icon, hit on Apple watch.