How to Fix AirPods Only One Side Ear Working?


If you are listening to songs on your airpods and all of sudden one side playing music has been stopped and only one side ear is working or one airpod stops playing or left airpod disconnecting and one airpod not working android or iPhone, then you can fix these by just performing factory reset option on your airpods and then connect your airpods to your iPhone.

If you notice your airpods playing only one ear then you need to make sure that your airpods are  charged well and reset your airpods and pair them again and if your airpods looses battery fast this method works with airpods or airpods pro

Fix AirPods Only One Side Ear Working?

Following methods to fix airpods with only one side ear working can be left airpod or right airpod pro and only one side working issue easily. 

Fix AirPods Only One Side Working?

Factory Reset Airpods

Step 1: First Open your airpods 

Step 2: On the back of your airpods you can see a button -> locate the button on the back of your airpods.

Step 3: Press and Hold that button and don’t release this button -> you can see blinking light turn to amber color on airpods and again it will turn to blinking white again.

Step 4: Now, release the button -> close your airpods case.

That’s it, this is how you reset the airpods back to its original default setting and you need to connect your airpods to your iPhone again and once connected your issue of airpods only one side ear working will be resolved successfully.

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Does Charing Cause AirPods to work only one side?

Yes! It’s possible and most of the users experienced the same issue of one side ear on airpod not working when their battery is low or airpods is not charging issue. So if you are experiencing airpods one side working then you need to charge your airpods and check.

Clean your Airpods Connectors

If you’re done with the factory reset process and your right or left airpod is not working even after the reset process then you need to clear your airpods connectors.

Sometime, your airpods connectors get blocked with dust or anything and it’s time to clean the dust or any other particles inside the container and blow some air into your airpods and clear the dust or earwax or anything stuck inside it.

AirPods Pro only playing in one ear?

If your airpods pro only plays in one ear then you need to charge your airpod and check whether your airpods are having battery and reset your airpods and fix airpods pro only playing in one ear issue.

My left AirPod is not working even after reset?

If your airpod is still not working after update then you need to clean the dust in your airpod container and clean with soft cloth and clean the charging port of airpods pro and charge your airppds or airpods pro.

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