Unlock Realme screen Lock Forgotten Password

Unlock Realme screen Lock Forgotten Password

  • You can unlock Realme screen by erasing all data and wipe out data by performing factory reset.
  • You can unlock realme by using your google account and unlock realme device and use find my Device.

If you have forgotten your realme mobile lock pattern or if you have setup fingerprint password or face recognition unlock and cant unlock using face recognition on Realme Narzo mobile then you can unlock realme mobile and also unlock realme screen lock using forgot password easily and bypass realme forgot password easily. So, lets see in detail below.

When ever you enter password realeme mobile says phone locked, try again after 30 seconds and many users experience or face this issue with lock pattern and forgot their lock pattern and cant unlock their realme mobile but you can use forgot password method and also using google account on realme 1 mobile or realme c2 or any other realme mobile and fix the issue of lock pattern forgotten password on realme mobile devices.

Many users reported that when they tried to use forgot password and reset their password then cant use forgot password and it gives an error message says “you password cannot be retrieved if you forget it you can contact your officials offer-sale service to have your phone restored to factory settings this will clear all data” in pop up message.

Unlock Realme screen Lock Forgotten Password

Below methods will help you unlock realme screen lock forgot password and unlock realme mobile without losing data as well and in this method your realme device data will be deleted make sure that you are aware of it first.

Step 1: Go ahead and turn off your realme device

Step 2: Now, Press power button and volume down button simultaneously for 10 to 15 seconds and once you see Android logo release the keys. 

Step 3: Now,  wait for a few seconds and you will see recovery mode on your realme mobile device.

Step 4: Now, choose you language here -> English and press power button to select it.

Step 5: Using volume keys, Go to Wipe Data and Press power button to select it

Step 6: Press Volume button and Select Format Data and Press power button.

Step 7: Now, enter verification code that is displayed on your screen “4 digit verification data” and Select Format in Popup and confirm format data.

Step 8: Now, wait for your realme devive to erase everything on you realme devive including lock screen and all data that you have on your realme device.

Step 9: Once Realme device wipes data successfully, you will see a pop up menu “Wiped Successfully”.

Step 10: Now, your Realme Device will restart and once done you need to setup your realme device from the beginning as wipe data will erase all data and set up a new lock screen on your realme device.

That’s it, this is how you unlock your realme devices if you have forget password and cant use forgot password method on your realme device.

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How to Unlock Realme C21y Forgot Password

You need to use your google account that you have logged in to your realme devive and unlock realme c21y device or any realme device.

Step 1: Tap on Forgot password or forgot pin

Step 2: Login with your Google account along with your google account details.

Step 3: Once you are locked into your Google account then your realme c21y device will be unlocked.

Use Find My Device

You can also use find my device option and then erase all data and once data gets erased on your realmed device you will be able to login to your realme device and unlock you realme device using find my device.

Why Unlock Realme screen Lock Forgotten Password Screen Appears

If you have entered multiple incorrect login patterns then your device will display a realme forgot password screen and you need to wait for 30 seconds and even after that you enter an incorrect lock pin or lock password then your device realme device will be locked.

How to unlock realme c11 forgot password without losing data

To unlock realme c11 forgot password without loosing data you need to use google account and login with username and password and then unlock your realme device.

Realme c11 pattern unlock sp flash tool

You can use tools like sp flash tool and other tools available online and unlock your realeme device and install this software and unlock realme device using tools and spd frp file.

How to unlock Realme C3 forgot password

Use your google account and login with your details and answer security question and login to your Google account and realme c3 will be unlocked and you can also use find my device and erase data and unlock your realme c3 device.