Unlock Forgot Password on Microsoft Surface Go Without Password

How to Unlock Forgot Password on Microsoft Surface Go Without Password

  • To Unlock forgot password on Microsoft surface Go without password -> you need to enter recovery menu and tap on keep my files and reset pc and you will be able to login.
  • You can also reset your pc by removing everything which factory resets your surface go and wipe out all data and it will be just like a brand new surface Go laptop.
  • To unlock or forgot password without using password -> tap on i forgot password -> Use Microsoft email account and then enter verification code and unlock your Microsoft surface Go laptop.

On your windows Microsoft Surface Go if you have forgotten password or pin and are unable to login to your Microsoft Surface Go laptop then you can restore and recover microsoft Surface Go password by restoring windows or factory reset Microsoft surface go and factory reset surface go 2 without password and unlock your Surface Go laptop. So, let’s see in detail below.

If you forgot your microsoft surface go password or pin or microsoft surface password not working then you need to use i forgot my password or pin and microsoft will verify your account and you can sign in to your microsoft surface go laptop again without losing data as well.

How to Forgot password on Microsoft surface Go

Below methods will help you get back your forgot password on your Microsfot Surface Go laptop without loosing data.

Step 1: From your login screen if you forgot password -> you need to tap or click on i forgot my password or pin option.

Step 2: It will ask you to sign into your microsoft account and you need to enter password and click on send code.

Step 3: Now, open your microsoft email and enter the code that you receive on your micrsoft email account and enter the pin code.

Step 4: Now, you will get option to keep a new password and then sign into your Microsoft password or Pin here.

That’s it, this is how you login to your microsoft surface pro laptop if you have forgotten your login password or pin without loosing any data.

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Factory Reset Surface Go

The factory reset method for surface go laptop will erase all data and to factory reset you can use virtual keyboard or you can use touch options.

Step 1: Go to your Login Screen on your Surface Go 3 Laptop

Step 2: Now, press and hold shift key and tap on Power button -> Click on Restart.

Step 3: Once you click on restart you need to release the shift key on your surface Go Keyboard.

Step 4: Wait for Surface Go laptop to boot into recovery menu.

Step 5: Now, Tap on Troubleshoot.

Step 6: Tap on Reset this PC

Step 7: Tap on Keep My Files (which will not delete your personal files but will delete apps, settings).

Step 8: If you Choose Remove everything then this will remove everything from your surface go laptop and will wipe out all data and deletes everything and it will be like a brand new surface Go Laptop and you need to set up  everything again.

Step 9: Now, wait for the reset process to complete and once done your microsoft surface Go will show welcome screen and start setting up your Surface GO laptop and start using the laptop.

That’s it, once you reset microsoft surface Go then your issue of forgot password on Microsoft surface Go issue will be resolved and you can login to surface go laptop once you reset it.

How do i Unlock My Surface Pro if i Forgot My Password

To unlock surface Pro if you have forgotten password then you need to use forgot password option and enter your email id and then login to your Microsoft email account and enter the verification code and unlock your surface Go or Surface pro Laptop.

Factory Reset Surface Go 2 without password

You can factory reset surface Go 2 Laptop without password by entering into recovery menu and select remove everything and it will not ask you for password and wait for microsoft surface go to complete reset process and it will erase all data from your surface Go laptop.