Reset windows 10 password using command prompt Using CD

Reset windows 10 password using command prompt Using CD

If you have forgotten your windows 10 password and you want to reset windows 10 password we can do that using several different ways to reset and it also depends on which account type you are using like you are using Microsoft account or local machine account, You can reset windows 10 password using cmd, advanced troubleshooting, fresh install of windows OS without loosing any data or files, lets see how to reset windows 10 password below in detail:

How to Reset windows 10 password using cmd (command prompt via CD):

Make sure you are having windows 10 installation file on your USB.

Step 1: Once you connect your USB to your computer restart your computer when you see password screen on your windows 10 laptop or computer.

Step 2: Once you restart you will be prompted with boot menu.

Step 3: Select your installation file ( if your installation file is on USB Device select USB , if your installation file is on dvd or cd select dvd or cd and press enter.

Step 4: Now press any key to continue.

Step 5: Your windows setup will be on your windows 10 screen.

Step 6: Click next and click on Repair your computer.

Step 7: You will be prompted to choose an option -> Select Troubleshoot.

Step 8:  In advanced options select command prompt.

Step 9: Command prompt will open and type diskpart and press enter.

Step 10: Now type list volume and press enter.

Step 11:  Now select know your windows partition letter which you are looking for and type Exit.

Note: Make sure you select the correct windows partition of your computer.

Step 12: Navigate to partition which holds the system if its E drive type E: and press enter.

Step 13: Navigate to system 32 folder by typing cd windows\system32 and press enter.

Step 14: Create backup of your utility folder by typing : move utilman.exe utilman.exe.backup and press enter.

Step 15: Replace utility manager with command prompt by typing : copy cmd.exe utilman.exe  and hit enter.

Step 16: Restart system by typing : wpeutil reboot and hit enter key.

Step 17: Once your system gets restart and on enter password screen -> click on ease of access and command prompt will open.

Step 18: Now type net user and hit enter and erase the password.

Step 19: type net user “nameofaccount” *  and hit enter key.

Step 20: Leave the password empty and type exit.

Now after performing above steps, you can login to your computer without entering any password. Now you have reset your windows 10 password successfully by command prompt.

Final steps to reset windows 10 password: Restore utility manager

Restart your computer and boot from installation media and click next and select repair your computer and select trouble shoot -> Command prompt and navigate to system partition in command prompt and type E: and hit enter. Now navigate to system32 folder and restore utilman by typing move utilman.exe.backup utilman.exe and hit enter key type all and hit enter, this will restore your utility folder and reboot your computer by typing wpeutil reboot.

Now your windows 10 password has been reset successfully and restored utility manager as well, further more you will not be asked for password when ever your login as the password as be  set to empty, just hit enter or go button when ever windows asks for password.

What do you do if you forget your Windows password?

You can reset your password by navigating it to troubleshoot and install windows 10 by selecting on screen instructions.

Can you get into a computer if you forgot the password?

Once you reset your computer password you can enter your windows 10 computer.

Does a factory reset delete everything?

It does not delete all files it will files only selected files will be deleted when you do a factory reset.