connect rca roku tv to wifi

How to Connect RCA Roku tv to WIFI Wireless Connection:

If you are having a RCA Roku tv and you are trying to setup and having issues connecting RCA Roku tv to WIFI wireless then this will basically help you to connect RCA Roku tv to wifi home network the right way, So let’s see to how to connect RCA Roku tv to wifi in right manner.

You can connect RCA Roku tv to WIFIi connection in two ways, using wifi wireless connection and wired connection.

how to connect rca roku tv to wifi wireless
how to connect rca roku tv to wifi wireless

What you will need to connect RCA Roku tv to WIFI Wireless?

  • WIFI wireless Internet connection.   
  • Turn on WIFI Wireless connection.
  • Good and High speed internet connection.
  • WFI User name and Password.
  • Modem close to your RCA Roku tv.

Setup or Connect RCA Roku tv to WIFI

  1. Turn on your smart tv ->Press Home Button on your RCA Roku remote control.
  2. Using down arrow -> Navigate to settings and press ok.
  3. Highlight network and Press ok
  4. Press down arrow and Highlight SET UP NEW CONNECTION and Press ok.
  5. Select Wireless and press ok. Wait for your RCA Roku tv to scan your home WIFI network.
  6. From available WIFI networks list, Select your home WIFI network and press ok.
  7. Enter your wifi password using onscreen keyboard using your remote.
  8. Once you enter password -> highlight connect and press ok
  9. Now, your RCA Roku tv will check for wireless connection and Internet connection and it will connect successfully.

That’s it, this is how you connect RCA Roku tv to WIFI.

Can’t Connect RCA Roku to WIFI Wireless connection?

If you are having issues connecting RCA Roku tv to wifi wireless connection then make sure you are entering correct password. You are connecting to your home wifi network connection only. If you enter wrong password your wifi will not connect to rca roku tv.

Can’t see your WIFI Wireless connection on RCA Roku tv?

If you are unable to see your WIFI name in list of scanned wifi list then ensure that you mode is within reach and nearby your Rca roku tv. If your wifi is not close enough your wifi will not show in scanned WIFI list on your RCA roku tv.

Why won’t my Roku tv connect to the internet?

If you are entering wrong password. Entering correct password and not connecting to your home network. If you still have issues you need to restart your rca smart tv to fix this issue.

RCA Roku not finding WIFI?

If your WIFI modem is not close to your rca tv it will not find wifi network. Place your modem side by your rca roku smart tv and try scanning available WIFI devices again. It will show list of available wifi networks to connect Roku to wifi (home network).