How to connect TCL Roku tv to WIFI with Remote

How to connect TCL Roku tv to WIFI with Remote:

You can connect your TCL Roku tv to wifi by using simple steps and its pretty straight forward method all you need to connect Roku to WIFI is a wireless network connection on your home network with a high speed good internet connection on your home network and you can connect Roku tv to wifi using remote and also without using remote as well. So lets see in detail how to connect Roku to wifi below.

What you need to connect TCL Roku tv to wifi:

  • Remote control that came with your tcl Roku tv.
  • Know your wireless network wifi name.
  • User name and password for your wireless network
  • Make sure your wifi is close enough range to your tcl Roku tv.

Connect TCL Roku tv to wifi:

Step 1: Turn on your TCL Roku tv.

Step 2: Press the home button on your remote which will bring you to the home screen and will display the main menu options.

Step 3: Scroll up or down select settings.

Step 4: Press the right arrow to highlight network and press ok button.

Step 5: Now, your tcl Roku tv will check for available wireless connections.

Note: If it is previously connected to the network, the next screen will display the list of available wireless networks within its range.

Step 6: Now, press the right arrow to select setup new wireless connection and press ok button.

Step 7: Your tcl Roku tv will scan and search for a available networks and will display all wireless network connections.

Step 8: Select your network and press ok.

Step 9: Enter your wifi password using the on-screen-keyboard.

Step 10: Scroll down and highlight connect and press ok.

Note: if you get any error message, follow the on screen recommendation methods on your tcl Roku tv screen to resolve the issue.

Step 11: Once, the tcl Roku tv successfully connects to your wireless network it will also confirm access to the internet and it will also display the status of the wirelss connection.

That’s it, Now that you have successfully connected tcl Roku tv to wifi wireless network, you can start enjoying your favourite movies and tv shows.

TCL Roku tv not connecting to wifi?

If you are facing issues connecting you wifi internet to your tcl Roku tv, make sure you are entering correct username and password and also make sure that you are selecting your home wifi  network.

Cant see wifi home network on your tcl Roku tv?

If you cant see your home network wifi network, make sure your wifi is turned on, and also make sure that your wifi router or modem is close to your tcl Roku smart tv, if you router is far away from tcl Roku tv then it will not scan far away distance networks if it is not in range.