Turn Off or Stop and Disable OneDrive Automatically Starting

In your windows 10 computer if your OneDrive is automatically starting and syncing when ever you turn off your computer and you are looking to turn off or stop or disable OneDrive automatically from starting then you can do it easily and also you can uninstall OneDrive or remove OneDrive to speed up you windows 10 computer.

Why Should I Disable OneDrive Automatically Starting or Syncing?

If OneDrive automatically starting in windows 10 and starts syncing, your windows 10 computer gets slow and if your laptop or windows 10 computer configuration is of basic configuration then it will respond very slow. At some point disabling OneDrive automatically starting or syncing will help you speed up your windows 10 computer and you can remove OneDrive permanently as well, so here lets see how to turn off OneDrive automatically starting.

Disable OneDrive Automatically Starting in windows 10:

Step 1: In windows taskbar icon click on OneDrive icon and left click on it.

Step 2: Click and help and settings.

Step 3: Now, click on settings.

Step 4: Click on settings tab.

Step 5: Now, Uncheck  start OneDrive automatically when I sing n to windows.

Step 6: Click on Ok and close settings.

That’s it, this is how you disable OneDrive automatically syncing or starting when your computer starts up.

Use task manager to Disable OneDrive automatically stating

Step 1: Press control + Shift + Esc key to bring up task manager on your windows screen.

Step 2: Select Start-up tab

Step 3: Now, search for OneDrive and right click on it and select disable.

This is how you disable OneDrive automatically starting using windows task manager.

Can i stop OneDrive to stop syncing in windows 10?

Yes, you can stop OneDrive from syncing and uploading files to OneDrive:

Does unlinking OneDrive delete files?

No, Unlinking OneDrive doesn’t delete any data from your computer, unlinking only stop linking  from your computer to OneDrive website and once you unlink your data will not be stored on Microsoft OneDrive cloud data. Again you need to link to store you data to OneDrive.

Cancel or Stop upload to OneDrive Website:

To cancel Upload to OneDrive

Step 1: On the top toolbar, select uploading button to show the progress of each file

Step 2: to cancel the upload select cross symbol at the top of the list.

To Stop folder syncing in OneDrive:

Step 1: Click on one drive icon on windows task bar

Step 2: Select help and settings

Step 3: Click on option pause syncing and choose the time frame or stop syncing OneDrive.

Can I Uninstall OneDrive completely from windows 10?

Yes, you can uninstall completely from windows 10 computer by using command prompt as OneDrive comes by default and its little complicated to remove and you can easily uninstall OneDrive using command prompt commands.

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