connect onn roku tv to wifi

How to Connect ONN Roku TV to Wifi

  • Press home button -> Select Settings -> Network settings -> Setup New connection and select your wireless network and enter password to connect onn roku tv to wifi.

If you are having ONN Roku tv and trying to connect onn roku tv to wifi then its pretty simple and easy to connect roku tv to your home wifi networks.

Connect ONN ROku tv to wifi

Step 1: So first thing is let’s go ahead and grab your remotes go ahead and press on the Home button.

Step 2: And then from here look on the left hand side here and you want to go down to Settings.

Step 3: After that scroll down settings and then you want to move over to the right the Network.

Step 4: Now we’re going to move over to the right again now you want to go down to Set up connection

Step 5: Now go ahead and move over to the right on Wireless go ahead and click on Enter.

Step 6: Now wait for few seconds, let it Scan your wireless networks in your area

Okay. Go ahead and find your home Wifi network okay.

Step7: Now go ahead and Enter your password here.

Note: Make sure you enter the correct password or else it will not connect to wifi.

Step 8:  After you put in your password you want to go down to where it says Connect.

Step 9: Go down right there click on Ok on your remotes.

Step 10 : At last give it one second here check all looks good there that was the correct password and now you are connected and there you go pretty simple.

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How to connect onn roku tv to wifi without remote?

By using mobile hotspot there is a way to connect onn roku tv to wifi all you need to do is enable mobile hotspot and setup mobile hotspot and save it to your network and connect onn roku tv to wifi without remote.

ONN ROku tv not connecting to WIFI?

if your Onn roku tv is not connecting to your home wifi network and if still roku not connecting to wifi then you need to power reset your onn roku tv and restart your smart tv.

ONN roku tv not showing wifi Network?

Make sure you are having good wifi singal strength and also make sure that your router or modem is close enough to your onn roku tv. if still onn roku tv is nto showing wifi network then restart your modem or router and scan for available wifi networks again and it will start showing your wifi network.

FAQ on connecting ONN roku to WIFI

Connect ONN roku tv to wifi?

Home -> Settings -> Network settings -> select setup a new wireless connection -> Scan for available wifi networks Select your wifi network ->enter your wifi username and password and click on connect.

Onn roku tv wifi keeps disconnecting?

if wifi keeps disconnecting on your onn roku tv then restart your router and modem and connect to your wifi again and also make sure you are having good wifi internet connecting with good signal.

Can i connect onn roku tv without remote?

Yes ! By using your mobile hotspot you can setup new hotspot on your mobile and save it and connect to your onn roku tv.