Reset network settings on ONN roku tv

How to Reset network settings on ONN Roku tv

  • Reset Network settings to fix any wifi connections problem on your ONN roku tv
  • Reset network settings will delete all your previously connected WIFI user and password data from ONN Roku tv.
  • To Reset network settings -> Home button ->Settings -> Advanced System settings -> Network connection -> Reset connection network and wait for your onn tv to restart.

On your ONN Roku tv if you are having issues connecting your wifi internet connection and tried fixing wifi issues with several methods and you still face issues with wifi internet then you need to reset network settings. So, lets see in details below

How to Reset network Settings on ONN Roku tv

Step 1: Grab your ONN roku tv remote -> Press Home Button.

Step 2: Highlight Settings option and press ok

Step 3: Now, select Advanced system settings options.

Step 4: Now, choose and Highlight -> network Connection Reset

Step 5: Press Reset Connection and confirm reset network settings on ONN roku tv.

Step 6: Once you confirm Reset -> Your ONN roku tv will restart and perform network settings reset.

That’s it, once you reset network settings -> now go ahead and connect to your wifi internet on ONN Roku tv, Since, your network settings and clear history, caches of your internet available connections will be flushed from your ONN roku tv and you will be connected to internet wifi connection successfully.

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When to Reset Network Settings on ONN Roku tv?

If everything seems fine when you are connecting your WIFI internet on Roku tv, like wifi name and user name is correct, wifi was working fine yesterday and suddenly you face this internet wifi not connecting all of sudden then you should reset network settings on ONN Roku tv to get wifi internet issues on Roku tv.

What Happens when I reset network Settings on ONN Roku tv?

When you perform Reset network settings then all your previously connected WIFI internet connections, all your wifi passwords and user name and other wifi connections data will be deleted from your ONN roku tv.