How to Reset network Settings on Samsung Smart tv

Reset network on Samsung is a one stop solution for WIFI issues (disconnecting and connecting or any other wifi network issues). Every smart tv has problems with networks and there are few methods to fix Samsung smart tv wifi problems when it wont connect to WIFI network, few of them will work and cause issue again and again, but resetting Samsung smart tv network will entirely fix issues when facing problem with wifi network. Let’s see how to reset network on Samsung smart tv in detail below.

How to Reset Network Settings on Samsung Smart tv?

Step 1: Grab your Samsung Smart tv remote and turn it on.

Step 2: Click on Source and click on gear icon on settings and press ok.

Step 3: Navigate to General by pressing down arrows on your Samsung smart tv remote.

Step 4: You will see network option, Go ahead and click on ok and enter network settings

Step 5: Scroll down using your remote and press RESET NETWORK on Samsung Smart tv.

Note: Once you click on reset network it will restore the networks setting to the factory default. If you have a WIFI password already setup on your Samsung smart tv then you have to do all steps again, like entering password and etc.

Step 6: It will prompt you to confirm reset network, go ahead and click yes.

Note: It will rese the network settings wait for a while and follow on screen instructions on your Samsung Smart tv.

Step 7: Once reset network on Samsung smart tv is done you will be prompted with confirmation “Network settings have been reset, you can set them again by selecting network settings”.

Step 8: Now choose network settings and press ok (don’t click on cancel).

Step 9: Select network type -> Wireless

Step 10: Select your WIFI network and press ok.

Step 11: Now input your password for your selected wifi network (make sure you have entered right password and choose correct wifi name of your network).

Step 12: Click on Done and you will connected to your wifi network on Samsung smart tv.

That’s it now reset network on Samsung smart tv is done and you can easily connect your Samsung smart tv to your wifi network without having any issues and will run smoothly without disconnect and reconnect.

is resetting network settings bad?

When you reset network settings on Samsung smart tv then all your saved wifi settings, username, password other network related settings will be erased from your samsung smart tv and you need to setup wifi again on your tv.

What Happens if I reset network on Samsung Smart tv?

t will restore the network settings to the factory default setting which means network settings will be erased.

When to reset network settings on smart tv?

If you are having issues with Samsung smart tv WIFI not connecting or wont connect or if connected with frequent disconnecting issues, then you need to reset network on Samsung smart tv.

Reset network settings on Samsung smart tv

Click on menu->Select General->Select Network and click on network settings.

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