How to Reset RCA Roku Network Settings

  • To reset RCA Roku WIFI network settings -> Open settings -> Network settings -> Advanced system settings -> Network connection reset -> reset Connection and wait for your RCA ROKU tv to restart.
  • You can also reset wifi network settings without using remote as as-well.

Sometime, you may need to reset RCA Roku network settings wifi connection if your wifi keeps on disconnecting or rca roku wifi not connecting or any other issue with wifi on your rca roku tv then resetting network settings wifi will fix all your wifi issues on your Rca Roku tv. So, lets see them in detail below.

How to Reset Roku Network Settings – wifi

Step 1: On your remote press home button ->Scroll down and navigate to settings.

Step 2: Highlight settings -> press right arrow to access network settings.

Step 3: Now, by using down arrow -> Highlight system -> Advanced System settings.

Step 4: Now, Press right arrow -> Highlight Network connection reset -> Reset connection.

Step 5: Press ok on Reset connection and your rca roku tv will restart.

That’s it, once your rca roku tv restarts your network settings wifi will be reset successfully and you need to setup wifi connecting on your rca roku tv.

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What happens if I reset RCA Roku network settings?

If you reset your network connection, it will erase all your wireless network (SSID) settings and it will erase all your previously connected wifi networks and you need to setup your wifi again on your rca roku tv from the beginning.

How to know if RCA Roku tv is connected to internet or not?

If your RCA Roku tv is not connected to internet then on your home screen it will display a message not connected and if connected it will just says connected and you can browse internet and use wifi on your rca roku tv.

Can I reset wifi network settings on rca roku tv without remote?

Yes! with the help of buttons on your back of your rca roku tv you can easily reset network settings wifi.

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