How to Connect PS4 controller to iPhone

You can connect PS4 controller to iPhone yes…you can pair your ps4 controller to iPhone and play with iPhone instead of your ps4 controller. And if you are wondering how to connect your iPhone to your PS4 then that’s pretty easy and straight forward. Lets see them in detail.

In order to connect your PS4 controller to iPhone you will need a iOS 13, if you are having iOS 12 or earlier version then just go ahead and update it to iOS 13 as apple release updates every year.

How to connect PS4 controller to iPhone

Step 1: Grab your iPhone -> Open settings.

Step 2: Tap on Bluetooth -> Turn on Bluetooth on your iPhone. (mandatory).

Step 3: Scroll down and you can see option -> other devices, you should probably see your PS4 controller there.

Step 4: If not -> grab your PS4 controller -> Press and hold Share button and PlayStation button on your controller -> wait for some time and once you see your ps4 Bluetooth on your iPhone Bluetooth ( other devices) then let go off share button and PlayStation power button.

Step 5: Now, On your iPhone you will see -> Dual shock wireless controller.

Step 6: Tap on Dual shock wireless controller and you can see your PlayStation controller will be showing solid orange colour light, this means that your ps4 controller is connected to your iphone successfully.

That’s, it this how you connect PS4 controller to iPhone using wireless Bluetooth.

How to use Ps4 controller with iPhone once connected?

Ok. Now you have successfully connected your PS4 controller to iPhone and to use iphone as your PlayStation ps4 controller then you need to go to settings option on your iPhone.

Once you connect ps4 controller to iPhone, you can see a new option under settings -> game controller -> go ahead and tap on it.

Now open call of duty or any other game which you want to play on iPhone ( PS4 controller connected to iPhone) and open game and use ps4 controller to play game on iPhone.

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How to identify PS4 controller connected to iPhone?

To identify ps4 controller connected to iPhone -> Tap on Settings -> Scroll down and tap on game controller -> Tap on identify controller and once you tap on identify controller your ps4 controller will vibrate when you tap on identify controller.

Can I customize buttons of PlayStation controller on iPhone which is connected to iPhone?

Yes ! You can change button controls and customize as you wish and to customize -> tap on settings -> Game controller -> Scroll down and tap on customization option and change options here.

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