How do I connect iPhone to smart TV via HDMI?


How do I connect iPhone to smart TV via HDMI and Mirror (iPhone 11,13,10 R,10 S)

You bought your new apple iPhone mobile and you want to connect and screen mirror iPhone to your smart tv and cast it to enjoy screen mirroring on your smart tv and enjoy playing games and playing videos, then you can do this easily from your iPhone, there are couple of different methods to connect and let’s see how to connect iPhone to smart tv using iPhone to HDMI port connector here, let’s see them in details and follow the instructions below to screen mirror iPhone 11 to smart tv.

How to Screen mirror iPhone to Smart tv using HDMI Cord

Connect and Screen mirroring iPhone to Smart tv Using iPhone to HDMI Adaptor: 

First You need to buy an iPhone to HDMI Adaptor cable from amazon which is compatible to your smart tv, Once you get your iPhone to HDMI adaptor cable  follow below steps.

Step 1: Plugin the HDMI connector into and HDMI port on your smart tv.

Step 2: Now take the USB part of the cord plug that into a USB port on the Smart TV.

Step 3: On your smart tv you need to change the input on your tv to whatever HDMI port your are using, (if it is HDMI 3 change input to HDMI 3).

Step 4: Then plug in the cable in to your iPhone.

Step 5: As soon as you connect the cable you will be prompted with  “Trust this computer”. Go Ahead and click on Trust option and enter pass code of your device.

Step 6: Once you click on trust and enter pass code, your smart tv will now showup your mobile screen on your smart tv.

Note: When you are connecting if your screen stays black while connecting iPhone to smart v using iPhone to HDMI connector then you need to download easy cast application in the app store and update the firmware.

Once you update the firm ware now you phone is mirrored on your smart tv successfully.

Black Screen when connecting iPhone to smart tv using HDMI Cable?

It is very common to see black screen when you are connecting your iPhone to smart tv using HDMI cable cord, follow below steps when you see black screen and fix the issue of black screen on your smart tv.

Step 1: Go ahead to app store and download Easycast application.

Step 2: Update the firmware.

Step 3: Once firmware gets updated you will not see black screen when connecting your iPhone to Smart tv.

Note: It happens due to the firmware just update the firmware and you will not be seeing black screen when connecting via HDMI cable.

Why does my TV say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

If you are facing issue of no signal when connected your iPhone to smart tv using hdmi cable then this simple means that there is a problem with the cable connection or the external device. Make sure you are connecting to the hdmi cable on your smart tv and if doesn’t work change the hdmi port and connect to other alternative port on smart tv and your issue will be resolved.

Black screen when connecting iPhone to smart tv via hdmi?

Download easy cast and update the firmware and reconnect using hdmi you will not be seeing any blank screen when connecting. This is very common issue when connecting using hdmi cord.

lightning to HDMI adapter not working IOS 12?

You need lightening Digital tv Adaptor HDMI or using VGA

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