Connect Samsung Phone to TV with HDMI

How to Connect Samsung Phone to TV with HDMI

If you want to connect your samsung phone to your tv or smart tv then there are couple of methods to connect like chromecast, Screen Mirror, Airplay if you are using iPhone and connect iPhone to HDMI, miracast and use other casting devices to connect your Samsung phone to tv and also connect samsung smart tv to hotspot wifi. But you can also connect your Samsung phone to tv with hdmi cable as well and it doesn’t matter which samsung phone you have it can be Samsung S7, S5, A6, A20, A21 or any other samsung galaxy  models.

To connect samsung phone to tv USB C to HDMI adapter and you will need a HDMI cable and of course the USB seek to HDMI adapter while there are many options out there on the market we’ll be using the official accessory from Samsung. It offers you a superior viewing experience and you’re also able to be set up with no hiccups as it’s the official accessory. To begin with the process please do follow the steps

Connect Samsung Phone to TV with HDMI

Step 1:  Take the HDMI cable and plug it into the HDMI port on back of your TV.

Step 2: Next connect the other end of the HDMI cable to the USB C to HDMI adapter.

Step 3: Before connecting the adapter to your phone you may find your phone connects automatically.

Step 4:  However depending on your TV you may need to go into the Source menu and Select the appropriate source. In most cases you may find this trigger Samsung decks which allows you to use your antenna so it’s a desktop computer.

You have the option to use your handset as a trackpad allowing you to navigate through files, web browsing and watching your favorite videos one benefit of this is you always have a computer in your pocket.

Step 5: Go to the screen mirroring feature scroll down from the top and select switch to screen mirroring this will allow you to mirror your phone and view exactly what you’re seeing on your handset mirroring.

That’s it, this is how you  connect your samsung phone to tv.

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Once you connect your samsung phone to TV you can play games, browse internet, showing off your holiday snaps as well as watching your favorite video services like YouTube BBC iPlayer and even Netflix which works seamlessly with this process. While there are other ways to view content from your phone on your TV I believe this is the best way offering the easiest setup in the most comprehensive experience.

Other Different ways to connect Samsung Phone to TV

Screencasting via Smart view


Wifi Screen Mirroring

Apowermirror and other casting devices.

Which Cable do i need to connect samsung phone to TV

You can use standard hdmi cable or you can purchase an HDMI to composite adaptor, MHL adaptor and connect your samsung phone to tv.