Hisense tv No signal HMDI and Blue Screen

Hisense tv No signal HMDI and Blue Screen

If you are experiencing no signal with your new Hisense smart tv or you are facing Hisense tv no signal issue all of sudden with blue screen, then there are couple of things you need to check and the first thing you need to check is whether you are not selecting wrong HDMI input port on your remote to fix this Hisense tv no signal with blue screen or sometimes blank screen. So, lets see them in detail and fix them.

Hisense tv no Signal:

On your back of your Hisense smart tv go ahead and find out where the device that you are trying to get to work is plugged in and right above where it is plugged in you can see which port your cable is plugged in whether it is HDMI 1 or HDMI 2 and etc.

Step 1: Grab your remote and press Input button.

Step 2: Now, select the HDMI port number that you have plugged in on back of your Hisense tv.

If you don’t have any input button on your remote:

Step 1: Press the home button

Step 2: navigate to Settings

Step 3: Select tv input.

Once you select the correct input you signal will get connected and you Hisense tv screen will be displayed and you will not get any no signal issues on Hisense smart tv.

Unplug and Plug Back power Cable of Hisense tv if No signal

If you have inserted in correct HDMI ports and selecting correct input source on your Hisense tv and still not getting Hisense tv no signal issues then you need to try power reset or power cycle method to fix Hisense tv no signal issue as below.

Step 1: Go ahead and turn on your Hisense tv.

Step 2: Unplug Power cable from wall

Step 3: wait for 60 seconds

Step 4: Plug back power cable back to wall socket.

Wait for your Hisense tv to turn on and now check whether your Hisense tv no signal issue is solved.

Why Hisense tv no signal issues occurs?

If you are getting no signal on you Hisense tv, then this means that you are selecting wrong input button on your tv, if you are have inserted you cable on back of Hisense tv to HDMI 2 then you need to select HDMI 2 input source on your Hisense tv.

If you select HDMI 2 and insert cable on your back of tv to HDMI 1 then it will show no signal on your Hisense tv. This is the main and common issues and simple mistake most of the users of Hisense tv face, and by selecting correct HDMI port and correct input source using remote, your Hisense tv not signal issue will be fixed.

Why does my tv say no signal when HDMI is plugged in?

Because you are selecting wrong HDMI port on your tv. If you insert cable to HDMI 1 and select HDMI 2 then it will say no signal which is true.

How to fix no signal when HDMI is plugged?

Select the right HDMI and input source on your tv to fix no signal issue on Hisense tv.