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How to Connect MacBook to tv HDMI ( External Monitor)

Everyone want to huge giant external monitor experience, in order to play videogames or to watch playback video and movies. For this we need to connect any latest mac to start tv via a physical HDMI connection, and some third party accessories are necessary for it. With this you can play audio and video on your tv. One of the best tools to connect macBook pro, macBook air, iMac, macBook to tv HDMI. But connecting tv to macBook through HDMI has some advantages, its resource usage is less, no slowdowns, it’s video quality does not depend on network latency, cheaper cost. Now let’s look in to the requirements.

  • A mac with mini display port
  • HDMI cable 
  • Mini display port to HDMI along with adapter for audio support

How to Connect Mac to tv HDMI External Monitor

Follow below methods to connect mac to tv hdmi external monitor.

Connect tv to Mac with HDMI

If you’re mac Book have any HDMI port, just connect that HDMI cable to the port. While if you want to connect mac Book, and if you’re mac Book does not have any mini display port then need to use adapter. Now follow the steps to make the connection.

Step 1: Firstly, connect HDMI adapter to a video output port on max

Step 2: After that connect HDMI cable to adapter and one of another end of HDMI to source port your tv

Step 3: Now turn on Mac if is not turned On 

Step 4: Next start playing the video input source through HDMI

If you want to experience better viewing then follow the tips.

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Configure the mac output for optimal display on tv

While mac will use tv as an external display by default. It’s better but if you want to watch series or movies, then you need to go with Display mirroring option 

Mirroring setup

Step 1: When mac connected to tv, now open system preferences 

Step 2: After that select display and tap on arrangements tab

Step 3: Next, check the box for mirror display

Set tv display as primary display

Step 1: Firstly, open system preferences from Apple menu followed by mac and tv are connected to one another  

Step 2: Next Select display and go to arrangements tab

Step 3: After that drag while menu bar from built in smaller display to extreme tv display. For turning the tv in to primary screen

Change sound output from MAC to tv through HDMI

  • Now open system preferences from Apple menu and Select sound option
  • Next tap on output tab and look under type list and their you find HDMI option and choose it

That’s it, this is how you connect macbook to tv to hdmi external monitor.

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Rajeshwari Chiluveru
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