Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone

How to Connect PS4 Controller to iPhone | Dualshock4

So to connect your ps4 controller to the iPhone make sure that you have iOS 13.0 and higher and you can see that by going to the Settings >General>about and then you’ll see right here that you  have version 13.0. So now go back out and go to the Bluetooth setting which is over Bluetooth so click on that and make sure it’s on and down there is looking for other devices. So now on the PS4 controller what you need to do is hold the PS middle button right there  and  hold the share button. So  press both of those buttons at the same time and the light should blink up there so let’s hold them both together like that and you see it’s blinking right now so it’s looking to pair and you’ll see right here it shows  Dualshock 4 while this controller so now I just press on that and it’s gonna pair up the controller so there you go it’s now connected because it’s lit up right here in a solid color now if you’re wondering how to reconnect your ps4 controller back to your ps4 system.

Reconnect PS4 Controller to PS4 System

Step 1: Just make sure that the ps4 is on by pressing the power button on and make sure it’s now on standby so press the power button on and when it’s on the startup screen just plug the USB wire back into the controller.

Step 2: You know make sure it’s plugged in and then press the ps4 button in the middle. Now a lot of people have problems with their USB plug because sometimes you’re gonna use a phone plug you know maybe your Android phone plug or so make sure it’s a working one and if the one you’re using doesn’t work just find another plug and use it because some  of them won’t work and this one is for a Samsung phone and this one works for me but its better to choose original ps4 USB wire.

Step 3: And then finally the last case scenario if you can’t sync your ps4 controller back to the system there’s a Reset button in the back, you just have to get a little paper clip bend it out and press that in and now Reset the controller and then you just have to plug the wire back into the ps4 controller.


Step 4: When the system is on and stick it back up also guys this is very important you see here the controller is still synced to your phone here and the light is on you might see the pink light is still on so it’s always going to be on even though your phone is off.

Step 5: So make sure you go into your Settings and go to the Bluetooth and you can disconnect your Dualshock controller in wireless controller if it is connected. So you can either disconnect right there or you can forget the device and see it turned off right there all right.