connect roku tv to wifi

How to connect Roku tv to WIFI?

If you have bought a brand new Roku tv and wondering how to connect roku tv to wifi or having issues connecting to wifi or wifi not connecting at all then with this simple roku tv wifi setup process will help you get rid of all these errors and connect roku tv to wifi successfully using your wireless wifi username and password.

Connect wifi internet network on Roku ultra tv:

Step 1: Grab your remote and turn on your roku tv and press menu button on roku remote.

Step 2: Using down arrow -> Scroll down to settings -> Press right arrow and highlight network

Step 3: when you highlight network -> again press right arrow on roku tv remote.

Step 4: Here, Highlight -> Set up connection -> move right and select wireless and press ok.

Step 5: Your roku tv will display list of available wifi networks once it scans.

Step 6: Select your wifi network and press ok.

Step 7: Enter your wireless password by using on screen keyboard using remote buttons and click on connect.

Step 8: If you enter your wifi password correctly then without having any issues you will be connected to wifi network.

That’s it, this is how you connect wifi internet on Roku tv.

How to Connect Roku to WIFI with username and password?

To connect with user name and password you need to select wireless option when you setup your account. Press home button -> Settings ->Network-> Set up new connection -> Select wireless -> select your wifi network -> Enter your user name and password to connect roku tv to wifi with username and password.

What is Roku WIFI Direct Username and Password?

There is no default password for Roku WIFI direct and in order to connect you need to select your WIFI network and enter your WIFI username and password only.

How to See Password on Roku WIFI password screen when entering password?

When you get to a screen when connecting your Roku tv to wifi you need to enter password by using on screen keyboard which flashes on your Roku tv using remote. To see password on roku wifi you need to highlight show password to see WIFI password on roku tv.

Cant connect Roku tv to wifi?

If you cant connect roku tv to wifi then make sure you have entered correct wifi password and also make sure that you are selecting your home wifi network when connecting wifi on roku tv.

How to connect roku tv to WIFI?

Press home -> Settings -> Highlight network -> Select Set up new connection -> Select wireless option -> Enter your wifi user name and password and click on connect to connect roku tv to wifi.