4 Ways to Enter Bios mode on Acer Laptop and access bios settings

If you are having acer laptop if you want to get in to bios mode to change few settings in bios mode you need to press a key combination to enter into bios mode and for each laptop there is a different key combination to press on your computer start up and enter bios mode and change settings or disable settings or change hard drive settings in bios etc, so lets see in detail how to access bios mode in acer laptop.

4 Ways to Enter Bios Mode in acer Laptops:

4 Ways to Enter Bios Mode in acer Laptops:

  • Press F2 key continuously when Acer laptop powers on
  • Press F2 key and Delete Key – After computer turns on press both keys simultaneous
  • Press F2 key and Insert Key – Press these keys to enter bios mode on Acer.
  • Use windows 10 settings -> System Settings UEFI firmware settings

How to Access Bios Mode in Acer laptop:

As with the most acer laptops computer the key used to enter bios mode is F2 and as with all computers you enter bios as the computer is booting  up and however unlike or many laptops acer recommends that you press and hold the f2 key before you switch on the power and hold down the key until the bios screen is displayed, otherwise, your laptop might not recognize that you want to enter bios and may start up in the usual way and load windows normally.

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F2 is the traditional laser access bios key but there are other options as well you can try if it doesn’t work for you laptop.

On some of the acer laptop models you may need to use another key to enter bios, the most common alternative key is the DELETE key. But if it doesn’t work try the INSERT key, in rare cases the correct key is F10.

From windows 8 onwards Microsoft added options to make it easier to get into you bios settings, if you are looking for an acer bios key for windows 10, you can use a different approach.

Enter Bios mode in Acer laptops Windows 10:

Step 1: Click the start menu and then choose gear icon to go to settings.

Step 2: Select Update and security and click on it.

Step 3: Choose the recovery tab on the left side window.

Step 4: Scroll down to advanced startup and click on restart now.

Step 5: Now this action restarts you computer and takes you to the boot option screen instead of strating windows 10 normally.

Step 6: Choose troubleshoot

Step 7: Choose advanced options

Step 8: Click on UEFI Firmware settings

Now, click restart and you computer restarts again and takes you to bios.

What is acer bios key windows 10?

F2 is the acer bios key in windows 10 and you can alternatives enter bios using windows 10 UEFI firmware settings approach by navigating it from settings screen and advanced startup restart up options as well.

Acer Aspire Laptops Bios Keys Boot menu:

F2 and delete key

Acer aspire Bios key to enter boot menus – once your computer power on, immediately keep tapping f2 and del key continuously till you see boot menu screen on your acer laptop.

F2 and Insert key

When computer is about to turn on keep on pressing f2 key and insert key simultaneously until you see boot menu.

How to Enter Bios mode on All models of acer laptops?

Press F2 when computer powers on and if this doesn’t work, press F2 and Delete key and also try F2 and Insert key by pressing continuously to enter bios mode in Acer laptops.

Enter Bios mode in Acer laptops using windows settings?

You can also enter bios mode using windows settings->Update and security->Advanced Startup -> restart and once computer restarts, select ->  Troubleshoot -> Advanced settings->UEFI firmware settings and you acer laptop will restart and you will enter bios mode after restart.

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