Enable Keyboard Light in Acer Laptop


On your Acer laptop if you want to enable keyboard light or keyboard lit or backlit when you are using your Acer laptop in dark room or low light then you can directly press keyboard light option on acer laptop and use shortcut to enable keyboard light in Acer Laptop and use it in low light or dim light. So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Enable Keyboard Light in Acer Laptop

Does Acer Laptop have Keyboard Light or Keyboard Backlight?

Yes! Acer laptop does have a keyboard light or keyboard lit and you can turn it on and turn it off using keyboard shortcuts easily and use FN key and F10 key together to turn on keyboard lights on Acer Laptop and for Acer Laptop it is FN and F8 key.

Enable keyboard light in acer laptop

Follow below methods to turn on and enable keyboard light in Acer Laptop.

Step 1: On your windows Acer Laptop Locate FN key and also find F10 key.

Step 2: Now, go ahead and press both FN and F10 key together -> Press and hold FN key and then Press F10 key will enable keyboard lights on Acer Laptop.

Step 3: Once you press F10 key then your Acer Laptop keyboard will be on and you will see keyboard lights on your Acer Laptop and you can use Acer laptop in dim lights.

Note: Depending on your Acer laptop model, your Fn and F10 key will be different like for few models it is F8 and few models of Acer laptop it is F10 key to turn on keyboard light and you can identify which key by finding light icon on your F10 or F9 or F9 key on Acer laptop.

That’s it, this is how you enable Acer Laptop keyboard lights and turn it on and use it in Low lights.

Turn OFF or Disable Keyboards Lights on Acer Laptop

To turn off or Disable Keyboard lights on Acer laptop -> you need to press FN key and F10 key on your Acer Keyboard and Press both buttons until your Acer Laptop keyboard lights goes off.

Keyboard Shortcut to turn on Keyboard Light on Acer Laptop

Press FN Key and holding FN key press F10 key on top which will turn on keyboard light on Acer Laptop.

Why is my Acer laptop keyboard not lighting up?

If your Acer laptop is not turning on backlight or keyboard lights then you need to check with drivers and update display drivers and all drivers to the latest version and check.

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