How to Lock Netflix Profile With Pin and Restrict Access – Mobile and Laptop

  • On iPhone or android -> Open browser and login to Netflix account -> Profile and parenting control -> Select the profile that you want to lock -> Click on change and check the box require pin to access Netflix and enter 4 digit pin to lock netflix profile.
  • To change netflix profile or remove netflix profile lock -> Go to Account -> Select Netflix Profile -> Enter netflix password and change or remove Netflix lock for profile and save.

If you are having Netflix account and you want to restrict access to Netflix profile and lock individual profile on netflix and set profile lock with pin for netflix profiles and lock netflix profile with pin using iPhone, Android, Netflix website and on any smart tv easily and remove pin on netflix profile as well and you need to enter correct pin to unlock locked netflix profile.

How to Lock Netflix Profile With Pin and Restrict Access - Mobile and Laptop

Lock Netflix Profile With Pin and Restrict Access

Netflix profile can be restricted with pin using parental control settings on netflix and put Pin password on netflix profile.

Using Smart Phone Android or iPhone

Step 1: Open chrome browser on your mobile

Step 2: Go to and Tap on Sign in and login with netflix email address and password.

Step 3: Tap on 3 horizontal lines Menu on the left side.

Step 4: Tap on Account and all your netflix profile information will be displayed here.

Step 5: Scroll down, Under profile and parenting control tap on the profile that you want to lock netflix profile with pin.

Step 6: Tap on the Down Arrow icon next to the profile icon that you want to lock.

Step 7: Next to Profile lock tap on Change to lock profile and enter your netflix password and tap on continue.

Step 8: Check the box next to -> Require a pin to Access Profile and set 4 digit pin and tap on save.

Step 9: Now, your profile lock is saved which means that the selected Netflix profile is locked and only who knows pin can access this locked netflix profile.

That’s it, this is how you lock netflix profile and restrict access to profile and set pin to netflix profile.

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Using Laptop or Computer or MacBook

Step 1: Go to Netflix website and sign in with your netflix email and password.

Step 2: Click on Drop down arrow next to Profile account picture.

Step 3: Click on Accounts.

Step 4: Under Profile and Parental Control -> Click on the profile that you want to Lock.

Step 5: Next to Profile lock -> Click on Change option and enter your netflix password

Step 6: Select the check box Require pin to access and set 4 digit pin and save.

That;s it, once you set 4 digit password on netflix profile then your netflix profile will be locked and only people who know netflix profile pin will be able to unlock netflix locked profile.

How to Enter Pin on Locked Profile on Netflix

Step 1: Open Netflix app

Step 2: Select the locked profile and it will prompt you to enter a 4 digit pin to access the locked profile.

Step 3: Now, enter a 4 digit pin and unlock the locked profile on netflix.

That’s it, this is how you unlock and enter pin and unlock locked profile on netflix.

How to Change or Remove Netflix Profile Pin

To change netflix profile pin -> login to netflix account on web browser by going to netflix website and go to account -> Select the profile that you want to change netflix profile pin and click on change and enter netflix password and enter new pin and save pin.

Can each Netflix profile have a password

Yes! You can set and lock each netflix profile on netflix and restrict access and lock profile with pin.

How to Know if Netflix Profile is Locked?

When you open netflix app then you will see lock symbol on your profile and if you see lock symbol then your netflix profile is locked and you need to enter correct 4 digit pin to access locked Netflix profile.

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