How to Download and Install Netflix on Chromebook

First Update chromebook to latest version and download netflix app from google playstore on chromebook.

To download Netflix -> Go to Google Play Store -> Search for Netflix app -> Click on Install and wait for chromebook to download it and install netflix.

If you have updated your Chromebook to the latest OS then you can watch netflix on your chrome browser itself and install netflix app on chromebook from google play store.

On your chromebook if you want to watch and stream Netflix then you can easily do that by download netflix from google play store or even you can user chrome browse and browser netflix and watch your favorite videos and movies by just going to netflix website and login with your netflix credentials and start watching netflix on chromebook and you need to install apps from google play store.

Netflix is not compatible to run on Chromebook with previous or early versions of chromebooks and now all the chromebook newer versions will run netflix and install netflix app from google playstore on chromebook.

Download Netflix on Chromebook

You can download netflix on chromebook by going to google play store and search for netflix app download it from google play store.

How to Install Netflix on Chromebook

Step 1: Go to Google Playstore on your chromebook

Step 2: Search for Netflix app

Step 3: Click on the netflix app and just click on install and wait for your netflix app download on chromebook and complete the installation process.

Step 4: Once you download netflix on chromebook and install then you need to login to netflix using your login details and once you login to netflix then you can watch your favorite shows on netflix on your chromebook.

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No Netflix app or Cant see Netflix app on Chromebook

On your chromebook when you are trying to download and install netflix and on google play store when you search for Netflix app you cant see netflix app or there is no netflix app on chromebook then first thing you need to try is go ahead and update your chromebook OS to the latest version and to do that follow below.

Step 1: Open chrome browser on chromebook.

Step 2: Click on 3 dots on top right corner -> Hover on Help section and click on About ChromeOS

Step 3: Now, click on Check for updates and download and install the latest version of chrome on your chromebook.

Once you update and install latest version of chromebook OS then you will find netflix app on chromebook and if you still cant see and there no netflix app on chromebook then this means that netflix is blocked in your region and chrome doesn’t allow you to install netflix and you need to unblock netflix.

How to watch Netflix on Chromebook?

In 2 ways you can watch netflix on chromebook

Using  Netflix APP

Step 1: Install netflix app from google playstore

Step 2: Login with your netflix username and password and start watching netflix videos on your chromebook

Using Chrome Browser

Update your chrome browser to the latest chrome OS

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Now, go ahead and login to netflix on your chrome browser

Step 3: Now, strat browsing netflix on chromebook and start watching your favorite shows on netflix.

How to unblock Netflix on Chromebook

By using vpn or by changing dns on chromebook you can unblock and watch netflix on chromebook.

Why cant i download Netflix on My Chromebook?

If netflix is blocked in your region or netflix app is not compatible with chromebook then you cant download Netflix and you need to change dns and update chrome in order to download and install netflix on chromebook.

Netflix not compatible with Chromebook

In previous chromebook versions you can’t download netflix as it is not compatible and not able to run netflix on chromebook and all the newer versions of chromebook are now compatible and run netflix without any issues and run smoothly.

Netflix not working on Chromebook 2020 or 2021?

If Netflix is not working on chromebook or when you open netflix on chromebook it gets crashes or stuck or laggy or netflix stuck on logo then you need to clear cache and clear data of your chrome browser and update chromebook to latest chromebookOS and try reinstalling netflix app on chromebook.

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