Update Chromebook Operating system

How to Update Chromebook Operating system (OS)

if you want to update Chromebook operating system on your Chromebook then you can easily update it without any issues and if you don’t want to update don’t click on check for updates option as it triggers and updates chrome OS automatically but you can stop Chrome OS by clicking on Stop or Pause chrome OS (operating System), So let’s see in detail how to update chrome operating system in detail below.

How to check chrome operating system Version:

How to check chrome operating system Version
How to check chrome operating system Version

When you are on logon screen your chrome version will be displayed on the top right corner and alternatively you can navigate to Settings->Advanced -> About Chrome OS and see which version of chrome OS you are using and don’t click on check for update if you are not willing to update chrome Operating System.

How to Update chrome operating system:

Step 1: Go ahead and click on right side bottom system shell ( clock).

Step 2: Click on settings icon (gear icon).

Step 3: Click on hamburger menu ( 3 lines) on left side menu

Step 4: Click on Advanced->Scroll down and click on About Chrome OS.

Step 5: Now, click on Check for update in About Chrome OS settings.

Step 6: Chromebook will automatically check for the version installed on your Chromebook and if there is any latest update available then it will say update available.

Step 7: Once you click on check for update, Chromebook will automatically check and update your Chromebook once you click on check for update.

That’s it, this is how you update chrome operating system on Chromebook.

Does chrome OS Updates Automatically?

Yes! When you are connected to internet chrome book will routinely check for updates available and it will download and install updates for you without need of any end user interactions.

Chrome Check for update button triggers Chrome OS Update

Once you click on check for update, chrome OS will check and start downloading and update your chrome OS as check for update will trigger chrome OS and update your chrome book.

How to stop Chrome OS update?

When chrome OS is updating then you can go ahead and click on stop to stop the chrome OS (operating system) update and when ever you feel its good to update you can go ahead and resume chrome OS on your Chromebook.

How to check for chrome OS version?

Click on Shell at bottom right corner (click) -> Settings->Advanced -> About Chrome OS