How can I Update windows Operating system Automatically on My PC

How Can I Update windows Operating system Automatically on My PC

How can I Update windows Operating system Automatically on My PC:

If you are like us you don’t have to do anything manually. Updates are the ways to go automatic updates lets you specify when and how your updates are installed. Both windows 200 and XP support this neat feature. Automatic updates can e accessed in windows XP by doing the following to update windows operating system automatically on your PC or Laptop:

Here are the steps to follow to Update Windows Automatically on your PC:

  • Right Click on Computer.
  • Click Properties
  • Click the Automatic updates Tab.

Accessing automatic updates in windows 2000 can be done by taking these steps :

  • Click Start.
  • Go to settings.
  • Click control panel.
  • Double click the automatic updates applet.

You will now see windows similar to select the check box labeled. “Keep my computer up to date”. In the settings box you will see three radio buttons. They control how updates are installed on your PC. The middle option is the most commonly used installation method. It downloads updates automatically and then prompts you for permission to install. This allows you to see what updates are being installed.

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How to Change Windows Update Settings to Automatic in Windows 10:

  • Click on start button and settings.
  • Click on update and security.
  • Click on Advanced Options and click on how updates are installed and choose how you want windows to be installed on your computer like automatic (Recommended) from drop down menu or give me updates for Microsoft products when I update windows (Do not check defer upgrades).
  • Once you are done selecting the option how you want to updates windows operating system just click and save. Changes will be applicable and will be seen once you restart your computer or laptop.

How to update windows operating system automatically in Windows XP:

To make your windows operating system automatically gets updated you need to follow few steps as shown below :

  • Click start and Open control panel.
  • Click on security center link.
  • Click automatic updates at bottom.
  • You will see few options there, automatic update (Recommended) and choice for everyday options remainders and Important (Windows XP doesn’t support no longer push updates) but still recommended to keep automatic setting enabled.
  • Click Ok and save changes.