Why Cant I Install or Uninstall Software

Why Cant I Install or Uninstall Software

If you are unable to start or complete the installation you may be having a permission issue. We are referring to built in security accounts that windows uses. At some point someone at Microsoft created different levels of permissions in order to accomplish this.

If you can’t install or Uninstall a software here are the below steps to follow in order to install software or uninstall software from your windows personal computer or laptop.

Are you an Administrator: To install software you need to be a member of the Administrators or power users group. When you first set up the computer, you may have been prompted to create additional accounts. These accounts may have not been administrative privileges and are just normal users.

Are You in Terminal Services? :

Terminal services is a technology that allow multiple people to log into a server and access a windows desktop. It has many benefits including allowing companies to keep older equipment longer, easier administration and a slew of others. One of the security options built into it prevents users from installing software. Only administrators can install software in a terminal service environment. A quick way to determine if you are using terminal services is to click start in the lower left corner. It may say terminal services on the start menu. If it does, then forget about installing any software on your own. Chances are the system administrator has it locked down tight.

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Are you Logged on as administrator?

Here is where it gets really confusing. Some programs require that you are actually logged on as the administrator account. Logging on with an account that is a member of the administrators security group alone is not sufficient. When in doubt just log on as administrator to avoid any potential trouble. You can log on as administrator by doing the following:

1. Click start

2. Click Log off

3. Confirm that you wish to log off by clicking Log Off.

This is where it gets little tricky. Depending on if you are using windows 2000 or windows XP the instructions vary. We have broken them donw for you as following Steps for Both:

Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional that are part of business network domain

  • Simultaniously press CTRL, ALT and DEL.
  • Type in Administrator in the username box
  • Type in the password for this account
  • Click OK

Windows XP Home Edition or Professional that are not part of a business network (workgroup)

  • Click the icon for the administrator account
  • If prompted provide the password and click ok.