What to Do if Software Installation Fails Guidelines and Steps


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  • Reboot windows computer and check for event logs and update windows to latest version and free up storage space and delete temporary files on windows.
  • Check software installation requirement and disable antivirus and turn off windows defender and run installer as administrator.

A failed software installation can lead to frustration and anger very quickly, especially if you have tried it a few times with no luck. Give the following list a shot on windows computer or laptop

What to Do if Software Installation Fails Guidelines and Steps

Reboot and Retry

Rebooting a computer somehow seems to fix 95 Percent of all windows failures.

VD - Disabled

Check the Event Log

The event log keeps a history of errors and warnings that are generated by the software and hardware installed on your computer. It can be found by using control panel and double clicking administrative tools. In particular the application log may have some information that pertains to the failed software install.

Check the Install Log

During most software install a record is kept of all of actions and any error messages that we generated during the installation. It can usually be found on the root of your C: Drive and is usually named install.txt or install.log.

Free Storage Space on Windows Computer

You need to free up internal storage space from your local c drive installation folder and delete unwanted software’s or apps or unwanted files and heavy files to hard drive or external hard disk.

Make Sure Your System is Up-to-date

Old hardware drivers or an out-of-date system BIOS may be causing the problem.

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Clear Temp file folder

The installation programs may not like remain of prior installations being left in the folder.

Disable Antivirus Programs

Disabling the real tie scanning of your antivirus software may help in installing stubborn software.

Install the software using Safe Mode

There is a known issues in windows XP or windows 10 with installing software from CD-ROM. You may get error message or a blue screen. Try installing the software in safe mode.

Update your Computer

Updating windows may help in solving installation problems.

Reinstall internet Explorer

Reinstalling internet explorer may possibly repair or reinstall critically damaged or missing system files or corrupted files on windows.

Try some Prerequisites: Some software will not install itself unless a certain set of conditions are met. These conditions can include having certain versions of operating system service packs, internet explorer and others. Check the software documentation for complete details.

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