What To Do Computer Does Not Start or Turn On

What To Do Computer Does Not Start or Turn On

What To Do Computer Does Not Start or Turn On:

Every faces this problem if your laptop or computer operating system does not start up suddenly and you end up nowhere knowing what to do exactly what to do if computer does not start up, operating system does not start up and keeps you waiting for long time and doesn’t start up. You might be lucky and be able to fix your problem and can get back to work and sometimes unlucky getting back to work. An operating system that fails to start could be suffering from something as simple as minor problem with windows or as complex registry and here is what you need to fix when computer operating system does not start.

Investigate all of the Hardware Problems :

Hardware mishaps you never know, you might just get lucky to discover the problem is due to faulty power cord.

Try to return system to an Earlier State:

This solution will work only if your computer is still booting up and you are using windows XP. Windows XP provides special features that allow you return it to a state it was prior to its current state. If you installed some new software or hardware drivers recently for example your computer might be acting up. You can then use the windows system restores features to restore your computer losing any of your personal data.

Use the Windows Setup CD that came with Your PC:

This is another important solution that can be used if you are running windows xp. Your windows XP setup CD provides a repair option that can fix startup problems when computer won’t start. Problems with system files and more. To use this feature you will need to boot from the setup CD. After the set up software starts, you will be given an option to select the windows. The repair software feature will check the repair and not the option to reinstall windows. The repair software feature will check your computer and try to fix the problems that it finds so that your computer can then boot up on its own.

Try to fix Registry Boot problems:

Your computer may be suffering from having a corrupted registry. This is a problem that can be fixed, so you won’t have to fully reinstall windows.

Use the windows Upgrade Feature:

This is another nice trick you can try if you are running windows XP, you will need to locate your windows setup CD boot from it and run the install/upgrade option. This option will install XP, but it will treat the installation as a upgrade and therefore it will preserve your installed programs, data files, computer settings, and so on. Running this procedure is similar to using the repair option, It simply takes longer. It is good fallback position if the repair procedure won’t work for you.

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Perform a clean install of Windows:

This is your last resort. If you’ve tried everything else and you still can’t get your pc to boot, you’ll need to use your windows set up CD and perform a clean install. The really bad news is that this procedure will reformat your hard drive and you’ll loose all of your data and programs.