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What to Do if You Can’t Run Application in Windows

If you can’t run an application in windows that means you are dealing with software you have just installed or software that has been recently installed and operating for a quite time but won’t run now. Here is what you can do:

Application Shortcut:

Make sure the shortcut is pointing to the current executable file. You can do this by following these simple instructions.

  • Right click the application Startup Icon
  • Select Properties
  • Check the target field and make sure it contains the name of the correct executable file

Software Expiration:

The trend with software these days is that you pay money online then download the software from the internet. The software typically run for a year or so and then expires. If you have a program that suddenly stops working make sure you check to see that the software hasn’t expired. If it has you will need to visit the company website and renew your software.

Administrative Privileges :

Some applications will not run unless you have administrative privileges on the computer you are running it on. This may not be apparent at first, you may be allowed to start the program and work with it a little and then all of sudden you it may stop while you are doing some tasks. It may be accompanied by an “access denied” error message. You must provide your account administrator rights or have your system administrator do it for you.


Some programs allow you to repair installation by running a special utility. They basically reinstall all of the critical files that are a part of your application.


Dynamic Link Libraries (DLLs) are common files that application share to provide familiar functionality. Things like the Save As, print, and Open File Dialog boxes are the work of DLL files. The problem with them is that they can be replaced with different version by a recent file install. This can make programs that are dependent upon them not work properly. Contact your software manufacture if you suspect DLL problem.


If everything we have suggested up to this point has failed you will probably have to reinstall the software’s.

Apart from the above sometimes compatibility versions 32 bit 64 bit windows plays a role check with system information.