How to Run system file checker tool windows 10


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System file checker tool is a trouble shooting tool in windows 10, System File Checker scans every file that makes up Windows 10 (starting up or booting windows 10) and compares their integrity details checksum against what’s stored in its database. If system checker doesn’t find any file that doesn’t match performing scans, perhaps because it is corrupt file or has been altered and then it can replace it with an original file.

2 Precaution Measure to Take when You Run System File Checker Tool:

There are few precaution measure as well with system file checker to consider

VD - Disabled

First – it will take replacement files from Windows 10 install media but doesn’t work with Windows 10 installations that come on USB Flash Drives. It only works with DVD installation media (so a USB DVD drive will be required for ultrabooks and tablets).

The second – warning is that any file it pulls from the DVD must match the version number of the one currently installed on the PC. This means that your DVD must be a Windows install disc that contains the most recent annual update (Service Pack) that’s installed on the PC.

How to run system file checker tool in windows 10

To use the System File Checker

 Step 1: Open Command Prompt (Admin) from the Win+X menu.

open cmd run as administrator

 Step 2: In the Command Prompt, type SFC /SCANNOW and press Enter – scan will start

system-file-checker-run-sfc scannow in windows

Step 3: If any files are found to have changed or become corrupt, then file will be automatically copied from the DVD (if it’s already in your optical drive), or you’ll be prompted for the DVD.

Commands Used With System File Checker:

Other command switches that can be used with the System File Checker are:

useful-windows-cmds-with-system-checker-tool-in-windows 10

/VERIFYONLY – Scans the files on the PC but does not attempt autorepair /SCANFILE=C:\Folder\Filename: Scans a specific file and repairs it if it finds it has changed or is corrupt

/VERIFYFILE=C:\Folder\Filename: As Scanfile, but does not attempt auto repair

 /OFFBOOTDIR=C:\ and /OFFWINDIR=C:\Windows: Used with /ScanNow and /ScanFile if the file must be repaired offline on a restart because it is a critical system file or is currently in use.

How do I run system file check?

Open cmd and run as administrator -> type sfc /scannow

How do I fix a corrupted Windows 10?

By doing sfc /scannow windows corrupted files will be fixed and make sure you have administrator privileges and wait until the scan completes.

How long does sfc /scannow take?

It takes around 40 to 45 minutes as it scans all protect files and fixes damaged files and time frame can be vary depending up on your system.

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