How to Schedule Telegram Messages at Particular Day and Time

Telegram with new update came up with useful feature – schedule message on telegram for individual person and If you want to send messages to someone on a specific day or time then you can schedule telegram messages easily on your android or iphone on desktop and cancel scheduling messages on telegram and turn off scheduling recurring messages, So, let’s see in detail below.

How to Schedule Telegram Messages at Particular Day and Time

Schedule Telegram Messages

You need to update the telegram app to the latest version to use the scheduling message feature on the telegram app -> Go to the app store and update the telegram app first.

Step 1: Open telegram app on your mobile

Step 2: Select the person that you want to send scheduling message.

Step 3: Now, enter text that you want to send a schedule message and tap on hold on up arrow (enter) icon.

Note: if you simply tap on send icon (up arrow) then it will directly send message to the person.

Step 4: Tap on Schedule message option -> Select the date and time and tap on send and telegram app will send message to the selected persoon on particular time and date that you have set here.

That;s it, this is how you schedule message on telegram app and send scheduling message on telegram for individual person in chat.

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How do I know if my Telegram message is scheduled?

If you have scheduled message on telegram then you will see a clock icon in chatbox and scheduling message will be sent on particular day and time that you have set to send message.

Where to Find schedule messages on telegram

You can find scheduling message option in chat box where you tap on enter to send message and if you press and hold blue uptick mark – then menu will pop up and you will see scheduling message on telegram here.

Cant see Schedule Message option on Telegram

If you cant see scheduling message option in telegram app -> then you need to update telegram app to latest version and still if you cant see telegram scheduling message then you need to reinstall telegram app.

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