How to Fix Telegram Too Many Attempts Please Try Again Later Error

On your iPhone or android when you try to login to your telegram account after incorrect OTP login attempts then you will get an error message “too many attempts please try again later then this error on telegram” and you can also get telegram limit exceeded error when you request telegram your telegram deletion for multiple times.

If you get this error “Telegram too many attempts error” – Wait for some time and force stop telegram account from background and restart your mobile and check and then clear cache and clear data of telegram account and try.

Allow Permissions which are required by telegram app and clear cache and local database files and try to login.

Tweak and adjust data and time to future data and try logging in to telegram account if you want to receive telegram verification code instantly if you are locked out.

This error occurs when you try to enter incorrect password for too many times and wrong login pin attempts and also if you request verification of telegram account too many times then you can experience this error and this issue can be fixed easily. So, lets see in details below.

Sometimes your telegram account also gets locked for incorrect login or incorrect OTP code. So, you need to be very careful in entering your password on your telegram account and when you login using verification codes.

Solutions to Fix Telegram Too Many Attempts Please Try Again Later

Below method will help you fix too many login attempts issue on your telegram account or cant login to your telegram account on iPhone or android.

Telegram Too Many Attempts Please Try Again

Solution 1: Wait for Sometime

Wait for 20 minutes or more or even 12 hrs or 24 hrs as well as telegram servers will block you to enter the code and will not send you code if you make too many telegram account requests. So, wait and be patient and get it solved from telegram itself.

Solution 2: Force Stop and Clear Storage and Cache of Telegram App

Step 1: Open settings on your Android device.

Step 2:  Now, scroll down and tap on App Management option.

Step 3: Scroll down and find telegram app from the list of apps installed on your android device.

Step 4: Tap on force stop and confirm force stop of telegram account.

Step 5: Tap on Storage and Clear cache and storage of telegram app.

Solution 3: Change Time and Data to Future Data

Step 1: Go to settings 

Step 2: Tap on More settings and tap on Date and Time (these settings may vary depending up on your android device).

Step 3: Now, you need to change data and time to future data for 2 to 3 days.

Step 4: Now, Go ahead and open telegram app and enter your mobile number and you will receive a telegram verification code.

Once you change the date and time to advanced date (future date) and set it to future data then the time limit or time frame that telegram stop sending code will be expired and you will receive telegram verification code and you will be able to login to your telegram account successfully.

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Solution 4: Allow Permissions and Clear Cache and Storage

Step 1: First you need to close telegram account in background.

Step 2: Now, long press on the telegram app on your home screen and tap on app info.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on Permissions.

Step 4: Make sure that you have enabled all permissions and allow telegram app permissions.

Step 5: Now, go back and tap on storage and cache option.

Step 6: Tap on Clear Cache and confirm clear cache

Step 7: Now, tap on manage storage and tap on clear local database and delete the local database from your Device.

Solution 5: Download VPN

Step 1: Open Google Play Store on your android device.

Step 2: Download any vpn from google play store

Step 3: Install it and activate it and then connect to VPN.

Step 4: Now, go ahead and try logging in to your telegram account and see your issue of telegram account too many attempts please try again issue is resolved or not.

Solution 6: Contact Telegram Support

Step 1: Go ahead and open google chrome browser on your android device.

Step 2: Now, go to telegram support and open a telegram website.

Step 3:  Now, file in the field and describe your problem with the telegram account and mention Telegram Too Many Attempts Please Try Again Later that you are getting and submit your ticket.

One you ticket is raised then you will be guided with the necessary steps and telegram support will help you.

Telegram Limit Exceeded error in telegram iphone

If you et telegram limit exceeded error then this error occurs if you have deleted your telegram account and requesting it for deletion for couple of more time then this error limit exceeded on iPhone or android will occur and you need to wait for couple of hours and days and try again and this error also occurs due to technical server related issues as well sometimes.

Why Telegram Too Many Attempts Please Try Again Later Error

When you try to request verification code for more than one time or requesting it for multiple times or limit exceeded error on telegram.

How Long Does Telegram too many attempts last?

It last for 24 hours and after 24 hrs you will be able to login to your telegram account after 24 hrs time frame.

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